When you are looking for a boost in your career, or even looking to discover a new career, Feng Shui is a great place to start! Adding enhancements to your home, which support the life changes that you are wishing to make, will boost your positive energy! Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art based on the elements and design. Energy flows through every object from rocks and crystal to water and soil. Making certain that you keep your environment properly balanced can go a long way toward helping you to create the life of your dreams. To make changes in your career or to boost the current career that you are already in, try adding a few of these Feng Shui cures.

Add reds to your home! Red is an amazingly powerful color! Not only does it help to boost love, relationships and finances it helps to boost your fame and reputation! Once you boost your fame and reputation your career prospects will be increased, your standing within your business circle will rise and you will be on your way to rising to the top of your game! Utilize red in your bedding, towels, throw pillows or even in a piece of art! The options are limitless. Choose what makes you feel inspired and get the “fire” of the red burning in your home. Keep in mind that red covers a wide range of shades, even orange falls into the red family!

Paint your front door. The career area of your home is the center front part of the structure. Your front door, even if it is not directly centered in this area, relates to career. Painting the door red, black, blue or another dark toned color will bring higher career energy into your home.

Locate the center of the rear area of your home. This is your fame and reputation area. Use this space to display awards, diplomas or certificates of any kind. In doing this you will be remided of how much you have already accomplished and this inspiration will boost the flow of energy in this space. If you have a home office you can also implement career Feng Shui in the room itself by displaying an item on the center back wall which reminds you of success.

Making certain that you have a well defined front path to your home can go a long way toward creating a positive overall energy flow. Add decorative lighting, stepping stones, flowers or anything that you like to direct a flow to your front door. Take a look at your front door as though you are entering as a guest. Is it welcoming? Does it seem well defined? If you notice anything that seems to say, "Go Away" make changes immediately! The front door is the mouth of Ch'i, or energy, for your home and it will go away if directed to so!

Whatever changes you make, no matter how big or how small, will be of benefit to you! Keep in mind that cures don't have to be permanent. When you feel the desire set in to rearrange, reorganize or make changes to your environment do it! You are feeling that way your a reason. Set your intentions on boosting your career, have fun with the process and enjoy the results that you achieve!

Author's Bio: 

Allison Moseley Moss is the founder of Flow Feng Shui a fusion of Western Feng Shui and Life Balancing. She has written many articles on Feng Shui which have been published both in print and online. As a Feng Shui practitioner and coach she works with clients to boost their energy and their lives in positive ways.