Days have gone back when mechanism of cars was controlled manually, in today’s scenario when computer has become the lifeline of today’s generation cars, as their mechanism is managed by the computers. The cars manufactured today are enriched with engine control unit (ECU) that is maintained with the software, which looks after the functioning of ignition system and fuel efficiency.

But anyhow, as the components equipped in any car despite of being managed by computer depreciate due to their regular wear and tear and start diminishing their performance. On the other side, it is desire of every person to get more from his beloved car he is always in search of adopting methods which are helpful in offering enhanced performance from his vehicle. Chip tuning is one of the easiest and reliable methods of boosting the performance of your car in cost effective way. By using chip tuning the program written in ECU of your car is re-written, resulting changes in fuel efficiency figures and also boosting the power of engine is most of the cases.

Interestingly, now days use of chip tuning is gaining huge popularity across the world and car enthusiasts are making its uses without any hesitation for improving the performance of their vehicles. Going through this trend, today various manufacturers are offering user friendly car tuning chips that can be used easily by a person with little computer knowledge.

The increasing use of tuning chips can be witnessed from the fact that today car owners are not only using these chips for boosting the performance of the car, but also using these chips for enjoying the additional performance of their newly purchased car. This might be surprising for most of the persons, but this is mainly because of the manufacturing standards adopted by car manufacturers across the world for selling their cars in different regions. You will be surprised to know that despite of being manufactured by same manufacturers the cars sold with same in different corners of world vary in form of engine, transmission system and other aspects.

This is mainly because of the restrictions and driving conditions prevailing in different countries due to which the manufacturers have to manufacturer their vehicles for different regions. But, as an impact the owners of same vehicle are not able to enjoy the extra features that are applicable in some other country. With help of automatic chip tuning they are able to enjoy the overall performance of their vehicle, as they would have been enjoyed in the other country where it is being sold without any specific restrictions.

Functioning of Chip Tuning:
With help of chip tuning the EPROM that is also referred as Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory of the car is modified. EPROM in simple words may be defined as the component that stores the mechanical data of your vehicle. An interesting feature of this component is that its memory can be modified with another program depending upon the requirement of vehicle owner. This memory is erased by brining the EPROM in contact with ultraviolet radiation.

Benefits enjoyed by boosting the power of car with help of chip tuning:
The benefits of using chip tuning can be summarized as follows:
1. You car starts delivering fuel efficient performance, moreover as the engine uses fuel sensitively it results in offering pollution free driving. Moving ahead the average of vehicle also improves.
2. The chip tuning is equally relevant with all types of cars whether they are equipped with powerful engines or less powerful engines. Depending upon the power of engine its performance is improved accordingly.
3. There is myth among most of the people that chip tuning of the car impacts its warranty and insurance. In this regard it would be interested to know that going through the technical developments across the world, the chip tuning manufacturing companies are developing such chips that do not affect any of the items referred ahead.

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