Lack of concentration is often the reason why people suffer with poor memory, the brain needs time to formulate and store the information, and this can take over 4 seconds.

If the brain is preoccupied with other information, while trying to absorb new information then the chances are the information will be lost in the confusion, however when the information has a clear path the information is far more likely to be retained and accessible on demand.

Stress too, disrupts concentration and thus impedes the brains ability to process information and form a memory, which would then be accessible at a later date on demand.

Improving concentration is an excellent way of boosting memory and recall, thankfully there are some simple ways of improving concentration, keeping the mind or brain exercised to a good way of improving concentration; puzzles have been proven to be very effective, puzzles such as crosswords, Sudoku, logic games, chess for example, and puzzles, word and math games will all assist in improving concentration and memory.

To help to aid concentration dedicating time and an area for specific tasks, such as relaxing, learning and another for work tasks. The brain easily makes association with tasks and areas, which means keeping areas for specific tasks will aid in the process.

Mediation also improves concentration, which in turn will assists with memory, taking time out each day to relax the mind, gives the brain chance to process information and build associations. Meditation will also assist in the brains ability to produce new brain cells.

When you are trying to concentrate on something it is important to remove all possible distractions; turn off cell phones, TV, radio etc. close windows, if working on the computer turn off email alerts, instant messenger etc. If need be invest in noise cancelling head phones or ear plugs.

Keeping organized will also assist with concentration; the brain likes to be organized, so keeping your life organized will help with concentration and memory. Feeling the brain is chocked with thoughts and disorganized is what makes concentrating difficult.

Learning to concentrate does take a little time and practice, but the brain will soon get used to the new way of working and if provided with the right environment, will rapidly adjust and deliver the brain power, concentration and memory.

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