Boonex Dolphin is a Social Networking Script. Entrepreneurs can create their own social networking website using Boonex Dolphin Software.

Dolphin makes you be in the driver’s seat and gives you the full access to build your own social networks or any community network you have ever wanted. Dolphin comes with the latest package that includes many advanced features of Facebook. The user can create their own profile and actively involves in sharing their views, photos, videos, articles, blogs, forums, chats and much more. Also, you will find loads of files and demo plugins which work to add functionality to your website. The great thing about the Boonex Dolphin is open source software which can be modified and expand it as you like without any restrictions.

No other Social networking or community networking site comes with these many modules and apps. Video chat, video messenger, iPhone app, Android app, groups, events, blogs, files, media sharing and much more. Provide lean,streamlined feature-set and launch all modules to please your site members.Make you as the creator and decide whats going to work on your social or community website. Boonex Dolphin gives the opportunity to decide what your users want in your social network. The social networking site templates that are offered by the Boonex has the ability to be unique to each individual network.

Boonex Dolphin will provide you un encrypted PHP source code which makes it possible to add or integrate custom designs and features. Dolphin will be hosted on your own server where you will get the complete control over your site members and the content.

Promote your own brand, serve your own ads and add your own features and get the money by selling your site and lead with success. If you are looking to create your own social networking website then get it done with the Boonex Dolphin Templates.

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