This book review is part of a series that covers the topic of Speed Reading .Speed Reading is a reading technique that allows for the assimilation of several words or phrases at a glance. Ed Caldwell is The Official Guide to Speed Reading. Triple Your Reading speed, by Wade E. Cutler, is a valuable resource for people interested in Speed Reading Training , and it is available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

This fourth edition of Triple Your Reading Speed does just that -- with self-quizzes and tests that make it fun and simple to acquire the skills that will give you an edge in school and on the job. The renowned Acceleread Method helps you to break old habits that may be slowing you down, and develop strategies for increased comprehension in less time, with

  • eye exercises to control and expand vision
  • drills for practicing pacing and block reading
  • strategies for mastering the "two-stop" reading method...and more!

Boost your reading power today with Triple Your Reading Speed.

Ideal for everyone who wants to move ahead at school or on the job, this bestselling guide shows how to read faster and understand better--with simple techniques anyone can master. Based on Cutler's acclaimed Acceleread method, it's the perfect self-study alternative to costly speed-reading classes.

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This book review is part of a series that covers the topic of Speed Reading . The Official Guide to Speed Reading is Ed Caldwell.

If those that teach are lamps unto the world, Ed Caldwell is a shining example. In the age of information Ed has trained tens of thousands to reach their peak performance through dynamic reading and thinking skills seminars. Excited by the emergence of web-technologies, Ed is expanding his reach through his new company, and it's Speed Reading Tactics area, an online learning site devoted to enabling personal and professional development for busy working people to master the information they are overloaded with today.

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