The Body Knowledge System® opens the doorway to a different kind of intelligence- one that includes intuition, physical well-being, emotional intelligence and enhanced spirituality-by reuniting us with our bodies. The result is better choices and better lives.

Practice the dance, dance the practice-the Body Knowledge System®

Discover the missing piece to your personal "body estrangement puzzle" through practicing the Body Knowledge System®.

After placing that piece in its proper place, you experience personal harmony, improved health and increased happiness in every area of your life. Professional fulfillment and personal satisfaction are simply a page away in the Body Knowledge System®.

Professional dancer/trainer/choreographer and life coach Stephanie Wood, PCC created Body Awe® to share every aspect of the Body Knowledge System® with everyone who seeks this revolutionary approach to health and well-being.

"The Body Knowledge System® is the foundation to put wellness into practice..."
-Karen Beard

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Author's Bio: 

For decades Stephanie’s passion and profession focused on fitness. First with dance, then with nutrition and fitness, Stephanie developed creative, progressive and personal programs for each individual and small groups. Her custom fitness programs combined the science of exercise, the pleasure of rhythm and music, and the fun and support of present in her coaching.