Book Title: In Defense of Divorce: Why A Marriage Should Never Be Saved At The Expense Of A Life, by Ennis Pepper

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New book defends divorce from traditional religious ideas, extenuating the guilt and reserving emotional energy for solving practical issues going forward.

The book explores such questions as:

Is divorce a sin or a solution?

Has religion over influenced public opinion on marriage, divorce and remarriage?

Did the Old Testament allow divorce?

What did Jesus teach about divorce in Matthew chapter five?

Does God really hate divorce?

How did Paul judge divorce matters?

And more.

Ennis Pepper, the author, experienced divorce first when his parents broke up and then later through other family members and friends. As a minister he witnessed the haranguing troubled couples experience when considering divorce and the rejection should they get one. With a Bachelor of Biblical Studies degree and more than 25 years ministry experience he is able to address this topic confidently from both a biblical and practical perspective.

Though Ennis defends divorce he is not encouraging anyone to rush into one. He simply argues that divorce, though difficult, is not a sin so he challenges traditional ideas - encouraged mostly by religion - about marriage, divorce and remarriage. His view is marriage isn't always an antidote and divorce isn't always a poison.

He also doesn't disparage marriage or encourage anyone to be casual about intimate relationships. He does, however, argue that marriage is the foundation of human society only when it works reasonably well. When it fails badly, divorce is one part of the solution and shouldn't be disdained, disallowed or penalized afterward.

The book won't tell you how to initiate a divorce or avoid one but it will help you live with one. It won't help you manage all the practical and financial adjustments that follow but it will help you deal with the cultural blow-back.

In Defense of Divorce offers hope to those who have experienced failed marriages and a reason to rethink the issue to those arm-locked by tradition.

Author's Bio: 

Ennis B. Pepper Jr. holds a Graduate of Theology degree from Baptist Bible College - Springfield, MO and a Bachelor of Biblical Studies degree from Bethany Bible Collage - Dothan AL. He has written weekly sermons for more than 25 years, has contributed articles for community publications and written several booklets on religious topics. Ennis was born and raised in Jacksonville, FL but presently lives with his wife in Durban, South Africa and maintains the blog, NowTHINK!AboutIt, which receives more than 2000 unique visits a month.