A great book cover design is important for any author who wants to be successful, this applies to both indie authors and the big names you would expect in the bestseller list. Having a professional book cover design ensures that your book stands out in a very busy environment and sells, people judge books by their covers and so you need to make sure yours is exceptional.

Having a professional book cover design immediately gives an author an edge in what has become a highly competitive and saturated market. It immediately shows your reader that you have the highest standards and that you are an author to be taken seriously. Also, it puts you on the same level as the great authors who will always use a professional book cover design.

We understand that you have also invested a lot of time and passion in creating your book, that's why we put the same passion into every design we make, your success means everything to us, it's why we started Mybard.com in the first place.

Over the years, we've helped hundreds of great authors, just like you, create stunning book cover designs, advertisements, and book interior layouts to make sure every book is beautiful and stands out in a crowd.

We have won awards for our covers, advice (from our design blog) and even voted, we pride ourselves on providing great customer service with great added value, this is what makes Mybard the first choice for so many authors and publishers.

When you're about to publish a book, you understand how confusing it can be, especially if it's your first time.

Choosing a publisher and editor can be hard enough and you have to design a book cover too, so it's easy to get a little overwhelmed.

Here at Mybard.com we get it, we know it can be confusing, but we've helped hundreds of authors like you, we have the experience, knowledge and systems to create a print-ready book cover that you'll be proud of.

Every great author knows that your manuscript should not only be published in print, but also be published as an e-book. That's why we not only design professional covers for paperback and hardback, but also design eBook cover designs that you can be proud of. So if you're looking for a great design for your ebook, let Mybard help you.

In addition to designing great book covers, we also create book interiors so you have everything you need to publish in one location. We have two great packs, both come with a styled interior for print and e-book, along with a book cover design for your paperback and e-book. Our Premier Total package also comes with several promotional designs to help you sell your book too.

Do not worry! Let Mybard design your book cover and upload your ebooks to Mybard.com. We've found the best book cover designers ready to help you with all your cover design needs. Get a custom book cover designed by the professional designers at Mybard.com.

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