BonVoyage1000 was founded by Steve Abraham and Michael Arucan who came to realize a shared creative vision of building a company that focused on providing members with the chance to discover "Life as it was meant to be". The offices are located in Seattle, Washington and San Diego, California. BonVoyage1000 reaches out to people around the globe, offering attractive travel opportunities.

The co-founders started BonVoyage1000 with the goals of creating an accessible yet dynamic Reward Program, an appealing product, and compassionate leadership that cares about the company's clientele. Catering to individuals and families alike, the firm reaches out to those desiring more travel in their lives. BonVoyage1000's leaders understand that traveling presents opportunities to take in the world's most historic and memorable vistas.With the company, members can anticipate taking advantage of such opportunities without the huge expense.

Typically, vacations cost more than what people have planned to spend and it is BonVoyage1000 that works to minimize traveling expenses by working directly with experienced wholesale travel agents. By eliminating hidden prices and middlemen, the company reaps tremendous savings that it then passes on to members. By signing up for a BonVoyage1000 membership, members gain direct access to the company's travel partner. From there, they can choose from numerous cruises, condos, and resorts from all over the world.

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BonVoyage1000 stands for three things: a simple but powerful financial plan, an exciting and enduring product, and caring, competent leadership.