Bonsai tree care is something of a curiosity to most. Bonsai trees by themselves are rather interesting even to those not generally into the art of looking after plants and trees. Most people are unsure whether to call Bonsai trees gardening or an art form, and judging from aesthetics alone it certainly walks that fine line. The art of Bonsai dates back up to a thousand years and arguably takes a place next to other contemporary art forms such as painting and sculpture, and much like the others it has begun to take a place in the hearts and minds of the general public. Getting more people involved in Bonsai trees has been a massive boon, but people need to make sure they know the ins and outs of basic Bonsai tree care.

What you must remember about Bonsai trees is that despite all similarities to regular trees or houseplants, they are neither of those things. Unlike trees or houseplants, Bonsai trees have very shallow pots or dishes, and because of this they have far shorter roots compared to other plants. The difference in size between Bonsai trees and regular plants can affect maturation, transpiration, nutrition, pest resistance, and any number of other aspects when it comes to tree biology.

Watering your Bonsai tree must be regular and relate to the specific species of Bonsai tree you have, as several factors regarding the soil conditions be it dry, moist, or wet can affect the health of your Bonsai tree. Bonsai tree care 101 effectively comes down to watering patterns and regulation, so be sure to read up on the species you own and make sure you’re giving it the correct amount of watering. Repotting must also occur at intervals determined and dictates by the age of the tree, so ensure you have supplies on standby. Maintaining the Bonsai through pruning and trimming can also be highly beneficial to the health of your Bonsai tree, as does ensuring high quality soil composition and fertilisation. Finally you have location. Many traditional Bonsai species cannot survive in a home for a number of reasons, so if your Bonsai tree cannot live indoors make sure you have an ideal spot in your garden to place it.

Hopefully now you are aware of the basics of Bonsai tree care.

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