Are you worried about thinning hair?
If yes, it is high time you take a close look at your lifestyle and daily habits.

It could be the right time you commence providing your hair with what it really needs.

Your hair needs a number of nutrients contained in vegetables, lean meat, healthy fat and iron.
The importance of iron cannot be overstated. Deficiency in iron is a major factor contributing to thinning of hair and female pattern hair loss.

You also need to focus on the following vitamins.

Vitamin D

Bake in the sun if you want to preserve those delightful locks. Fifteen minutes a day in sunshine can provide you with adequate vitamin D.


Expert nutritionists are of the opinion that shortage of zinc can lead to hair thinning. The best answer to supplement zinc in your food is to include shell fish and meat in your diet.

Omega-3 fatty acids

Omega – 3 is a healthy fat so consuming fish oil can assist in opening up the hair follicles and furthering hair growth. You can even include oily fish such as cod or salmon in your diet on a regular basis.

The positive impact of bone broth on hair loss
Bone broth is packed with just the kind of nutrients your hair needs. It is packed with collagen, minerals and amino acids besides many other things.

Dr.Kellyann has revolutionized bone broth as the food that heals the gut and slows down ageing.
According to her, bone broth is more than just broth or soup. It is an intense source of healing.

Besides preventing hair loss, bone broth revitalizes your cells in an inclusive manner helping you to lose weight and regain energy. Bone broth also helps in controlling autoimmune conditions and in reducing various types of chronic inflammations.

Nutritionists assert that consuming bone broth is an evidence based approach to perk up collagen in your body.
Collagen a very abundant protein in your body helps in sustaining your skin, ligaments and tendons.
If your body produces inadequate collagen then the best way to supplement is by consuming bone broth.

What exactly is bone broth?

It is simply beef stock, chicken stock, pork stock or lamb stock.

It is soup prepared by boiling bones, a process that extracts all the vital nutrients from bones into a liquid form that we can consume.

Yes, you also need to take adequate care of your hair by choosing the best shampoo for hair growth and thickening, but do not ignore the right diet – in particular bone broth.

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