Have you been noticing the cracking and crunching sound from your knees? You must be wondering if it’s a cause of concern. Well, there could be many reasons why your knee is producing cracking sound. It could be as simple as the gas bubbles or a serious health issue, such as arthritis. The question is when should you see a doctor?
To know the best actions you could take to cure your knee problems, you must be aware of the causes of your noisy knees. The most common reason why you are hearing the cracking sound from your knees is the Crepitus. The connective tissues surrounding your joints are highly likely to get worn with age. That might cause the tissues and bones in your body to rub together, leading to the crunchy sound. Knee injury and arthritis are other causes of noisy knees.
When Should You Take the Action?
Many people experience noisy knees at some point in their lives. As discussed earlier, noisy knees are highly likely to occur from Crepitus. The condition does not need to be diagnosed unless it co-occurs with severe pain in your joints. If the crunchy sound is accompanied by inflammation in your joints, pain, and other health issues, then that could be the cause of concern. This also means that you need to see a doctor immediately. Visit an orthopaedic clinic in Thane & Mulund to get your issue diagnosed. The sooner you get your knee checked, the faster the recovery will be.
Remember that osteoarthritis is one of the reasons why you might be hearing the cracking and crunching sound from the knees. While that may not always be the issue, it is better to discuss your condition with the doctor. The noisy knee isn’t a big concern unless it is accompanied by pain and other severe symptoms.
Gas Bubbles
The buildup of gas around your knee joint can lead to the formation of small bubbles, which is the most common cause of noisy knees. These bubbles will burst as soon as you bend your knees. Gas bubbles will not be accompanied by any form of pain, and it’s absolutely normal to have these bubbles formed around your knee joints.
Knee Injury
Damage to your kneecap is another common cause of the crunchy sound. If you ever fall on the knee, you might end up developing Crepitus that could cause severe damage to the knee joint. If you have recently had a knee injury, see a doctor and get your kneecaps checked. In some cases, therapy or medicine may not work. The physician might recommend knee replacement surgery in Mulund to fix the issue.
Arthritis could occur due to a number of reasons, but it mostly occurs with age. The regular use of the joints and ageing could cause the wear and tear of the knee or hip joints. Your joints might crunch or produce unusual sound due to arthritis. You may have to get knee and hip replacement surgery in Thane to treat arthritis.
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