Why bonding is essential for every infant?

Have you ever wondered why some people are so much happier or how they are strongly connected to each other when working in groups while others are not? The reason may possibly lie in their early-childhood and infancy experiences with their parents and the primary caregivers. Bonding with your baby is critical for the development of her personality.

Scientists say that, taking the effort to bond with your baby is one of the best gifts you can give your child.

Bonding can be defined as the intense attachment between the baby and parents/ primary caregiver. The strong tie between babies and their parents creates the baby’s first model for intimate relationships. It is the foundation to a positive self-esteem and it gives a sense of security.

Advantages of bonding for your baby

Children who receive a secure attachment bond with their mother, father or initial caregiver, have plenty of benefits compared to the insecurely attached children or the children whose parents or initial caregivers bond poorly with them.
 Baby is always happy and enjoy being with others.
 The baby will have substantially greater emotional and mental health.
 They bounce back quicker from life’s setbacks and disappointments.
 They have better parental relationships.
 They are kind and empathetic.
 They have greater problem-solving skills.
 The strong bond between the baby and the parent allows for the establishment of quality and diverse affective relationships.
 The little ones will suffer less from stress.
 A strong connection encourages and enhances children’s self-esteem.
 They will share their feelings and seek support.
 They will maintain emotional balance.

You may find it easy to bond with your new born baby or hard. Sometimes it takes more time. In my previous article, I have presented some tips for you to understand your baby and bond with her. You can try those techniques.

Bonding with newborn twins

If you are reading this article, most probably you are gifted with two babies or more. As you might have experienced, caring for a newborn baby can be a stressful task and this can be even stressful when it comes to two or more babies.

Twin baby care tips

You can follow these tips. Simply do some little changes to your daily routine and it will give you a greater peace of mind.

1. Use a double stroller
It will be a difficult task to manage carrying the twins wherever you need to go. Using a double stroller or a twin baby carrier would be a great alternative to handle such situations. Stroller is not only a leisurely activity. You can also use a stroller to let the babies sleep. A stroller will also help you to carry all the suppliers that the babies will need.
2. Use a twin baby carrier
When it comes to bonding with your babies, this is the most trusted and the most suitable way to look after your baby. Instead of a tank size double stroller, you can use a standard twin baby carrier which will free your hands for other tasks. The best advantage of a baby carrier over a stroller is that you can reach places that you won’t be able to reach with a stroller. It also improves the attachments.
3. Seek advice
Don’t hesitate to seek help from others: from your family, friends, experts. Looking after twins is not an easy task. Ask your family members or friends to stay with you for some time. You can hire a reliable caregiver or you can just use the help to manage the chores around the house while you look after the babies. You can also learn from other parents who have twin babies as their various practical strategies might work for you.
4. Purchase online
You may need baby supplies at unexpected times when you have twins or more. Buying online lets you have better discounts as well as plan for a regular supply. Sync up your calendar with your purchasing dates and make sure to order the deliveries on time.
5. Relax
As parents you need some time t relax. Taking care of twin babies can be difficult. If you don’t atke a break, you will feel exhausted. Relaxing allows you to stay more focused at work and also with your babies. You can alternate relaxation time between your partner or can relax together after ensuring that your babies are properly looked after by one of your family members or friends.
6. Do not separate them
You may want to make them sleep in separate bedrooms once they are old enough to sleep through the night hoping if one baby wakes up in the night, then the other baby remains undisturbed. But what happens is they will get used to such situations when you allow them to sleep in the same room. Eventually they will learn to sleep through such noises.
7. Alternate holding time
Babies love to be cuddled and held. Cuddling and holding babies are important factor when it comes to create bonds between the mother and babies. But holding the twins at the same time can be tiring. Instead of holding the two babies at one time, let one baby play in her crib while the other is being held in your arms. When the playing baby becomes fussy, you can simply alternate this.

8. Talk to each baby individually. Use their name and make eye contact.

9. Don’t dress them in the same clothes always. If you want, use the same style in different colors.

10. Make sure that each baby has her own medical record and child health book. Ask for individual appointments for their medical and development checks.

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