Your father was likely a stylish man at your age, but times and fashion invariably change as time leaves us behind. There is a very strong chance that your dad was a sharp dresser who adopted certain measures to avoid looking older when he was in his prime. Here are some recommendations that you can follow to avoid looking like your dad at his most unfashionable stage:

Always Wear Clothes That Fit
Your body type and size will dictate the fit of your apparel, but not the style. If your body type is mesomorph, you should avoid wearing dress shirts that are so tight the arm holes ride over your shoulders. When shopping for new clothes, avoid sticking to the small, medium, large, and extra-large measurements; instead, you should let a tailor measure you so that you can enter this information in your smartphone. At the very least, you should know your hemline.

Play With Color
Do not be afraid of trying out color combinations; this is not something that is exclusive to women and interior decorators. For inspiration, take a look at men's golf apparel; this is a sporting activity that combines athletic wear with style, and golf players are known to come up with some very tasteful color combinations. One aspect of color that you should be mindful of is contrast; for example, white pants with a fitted black shirt are ideal for the club, but not some much for school, church, or the office.

Have a System for Looking Great
Be sure to have a system of keeping your clothes looking sharp; even designer jeans will look bad if they came out of the dryers looking crumpled and sloppy. Invest in an iron, a shoe shine kit and a lint brush. If your busy life does not give you too much time, you can look for wrinkle-free clothing that is casual yet stylish.

Grooming Can Go a Long Way
A clean-shaven man with a nice haircut and a decent smile will always look like a hundred bucks no matter what he wears. Brush your teeth, invest in cologne, and visit the barber shop frequently; by doing so, you will get away with wearing jeans and t-shirts as long as they are clean.

In the end, dressing like your father might not be a bad idea if he was a dandy, but you still have to be conscious of fashion and style. You will not necessarily look your best when you are still young; there is no way to predict this, but you should definitely try.

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Anica has a Jack Russell Terrier named Saxon, three daughters that are 13, 11, and 7.