Eating eggs in daily routine are good for health, you have heard that “ONE APPLE A DAY KEEPS THE DOCTOR AWAY”. It’s just like that “If you take One egg daily you will be away from Physicians”. Many people lose weight by using boiled eggs diet
. In this article, you will find some helpful tips and tricks for your future diet plan(Boiled Eggs diet).

What is boiled egg diet?

Before you get started for a boiled egg diet plan. You must know about how it’s work for your body requirements. By using this diet what will you find the results? And how it will help you in reducing your weight?
How much weight do you wish to lose?

Less than 5 pounds
Between 5-10 pounds
Between 10-20 pounds
20+ pounds

Why Are Eggs So Great for Weight Loss?

Eggs are a good source for taking essential nutrients for the body. It is full of vitamins, minerals, and calcium amount, which our body needs in a day. You should take the boiled eggs according to your requirement. If you are patient of high cholesterol level, It will help you to maintain it.

Nutritionally, A egg contains 75 calories on average. A man needs 2000 calories, in general, a day for his body requirements for work. Eggs are easy in the digest. It is a great way to make your diet plan with boiled egg because it provides you a complete set of meal in starting of a day with less amount of calories.

Nutrition Content of Eggs

Generally, An egg contains 75 calories and some other essential vitamins and minerals, protein, amino acids as well. Egg also contains your daily intake of iron, vitamin and zinc. It is a perfect way to lose weight with low calorie.

What is boiled egg diet plan?

In boiled egg diet plan there is no hard and fast rule to follow it. You just need to follow the usual routine by optimizing your unnecessary food items like junk foods, sweets and a heavy amount of oily foods. Here are some simple tips and tricks for you. By following this boiled egg diet plan you can lose weight according to your wish.

First, you have to take 2 or 3 boiled eggs whiteness in daily breakfast routine.

In the middle of lunch, If you have some craving for food you can eat low calories food like green vegetables, fruits etc.

You should have to take plenty of water in the diet. It will help you energies all day refreshingly.

In lunch, you can take a steam, chicken piece or fish meat. It helps you to provide all the nutrients and proteins, what your body needs for a day.

You should do some exercises as well in order to keep your body fit and healthier.

In dinner time, you can take low calories food like one piece of brown bread with some butter. Or you can also eat home food with less amount of portion without oil.

What You Can Eat:-

The boiled egg diet promotes high utilization of lean proteins. Lean proteins includes are:

Eggs, Different quality or types of eggs at different prices available in the market.

Fresh Chicken.
Chicken and Turkey (without skin)
Sea Food, Lean Fish.

The plan, dieters are to start the day with boiled eggs and then use eggs or other lean proteins for lunch and dinner. Your meals include “low carb” fruits and vegetables such as:

Green Salad, Broccoli
Fresh Green Leafs of any Salad vegetables
Lemon Citrus
Red Apples
Fresh Cauliflower
Fresh Carrots

What You Can’t Eat:-

The boiled egg diet is highly defensive for the weight increase. It purposes to cut calories and defeat many different foods. Here is a list of foods that are to be disqualified from the diet:

Food with high fat and sugar, also named junk food.
Bottle drinks like bottle juices of all types of brands or Coke or Pepsi Brand drinks.

Fried snacks or foods

Beef meet or meet with a high amount of fat
avoid every kind of salt
Items related to Alcohol or Alcohol drinking.
Coconut foods are full of sugar.

How the Boiled Egg Diet is prepared:-

Over a duration of two weeks on the diet, the dieter may lose lots of weight very rapidly. If you take a look at how the diet is prepared, maybe you can see why people may be losing weight within two weeks:

Only schedule three foods for eating in your eating plan.
Refreshments foods like burger or chips not allowed to eat if you are serious in your weight loss.
Only try to drink fresh water or shakes, avoid any bottle of drinks.

Foods consist of a lean protein + vegetables and fruit.
Follow this diet for two weeks. Once the diet is complete, however, a normal diet can continue. Check out the Dietitian’s opinion about this diet and how you can drag the most effective parts of this diet to work for you.

Dietitian’s Analysis of the Boiled Egg Diet:

Boiled eggs are very good for your weight loss plan. Eggs include of high-quality protein and fat, and the yolks are a rich basis of micronutrients, you feeling complete and satisfied for a long time after you eat them. Basing your diet on boiled eggs and a few other nutrient-dense, satisfying foods will help you lose weight fast without feeling hungry and bad-tempered all the time.


1. Eating eggs is a great way to get good quality protein for least calories, this is ideal for weight loss. In one study, those who eat a low-calorie diet and eggs in breakfast lost more weight than those who eat a low-calorie diet but eat bread roll for breakfast.

2. Good plan for weight loss always disapproved junk foods with high sugar and fat.

3. Another pro to the boiled eggs diet is that it promotes the utilization of vegetables and fruit in all meals.


1. The boiled egg diet can guide to you weight loss where you fall weight on the diet, only to increase the weight back once your diet goes back to usual. According to the study, yo-yo weight loss (also known as “weight cycling“) can actually unhelpfully impact your health!

2. Another disadvantage to believe is how the diet is planned. It is fully recommended that the dieter is only allowed to continue with three meals every day. In spite of if you are trying to lose weight, too much hunger will not help out you to solve your weight loss trouble.

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