The Bohemian glassware has long been a top of sophistication and an indicator of good taste. Both centuries ago and today this Czech glass is on the crest of popularity and remains in demand among connoisseurs of tableware.

What is Bohemian Glass

It is extremely difficult to choose a real product from bohemian glass , because it has no obvious features, and at a glance it is not always possible to determine which glass is considered bohemian. But nevertheless, such glass has nuances, and only by understanding them, you can be sure of buying.

There will never be paint stains on quality Bohemian colored glass. The coating always lays down evenly, and if the product has jewelry in the form of stones or metals, then it will be firmly and reliably fixed.

By sliding a wet finger over the exquisite Czech glass, you can hear the iridescent melodic ringing. If you haven't heard this, then most likely it is a fake. And when two things made of Bohemian glass come into contact, you will certainly hear a metallic ringing and feel the vibration passing along the leg.

You can also determine a fake by the weight of the product. Bohemian glass is always slightly lighter than regular glass. If the glass thing is not blown out in one piece and has a seam at the joint, then it should not be visible and felt to the touch. If the product was created by hand, then there should be no such seam at all. But just choosing the right Czech glass is not enough, you need to take care of it properly so that the product will serve and delight you longer.

Bohemian glass care

Caring for "Bohemian" products is not difficult and everyone can handle it:

If your Bohemian glass is dirty then wash it with the obligatory addition of a non-abrasive softening detergent. Use a soft cloth or foam sponge, as a hard brush can irreparably damage your dishes;
If you decide to take a chance and wash the Bohemian glass in the dishwasher, then you should use the shortest and most gentle mode. Do not forget to set it to a low temperature and after the end of washing, immediately remove the products from the machine;
Avoid sudden temperature changes when washing, it is best to wash in cool or room temperature water;
You can dry the dishes with a soft kitchen towel. Walk them with blotting movements over the entire area of ​​the glass;
If there are streaks on the glass, polish them with a standard mirror and window cleaner. It is perfect for Czech glass and will not damage it. Only polish carefully, as fragile glass may not withstand pressure and crack;
As mentioned earlier, this glass is very brittle, so getting hurt is easy, so protect children from contact with such glass.

If you still cannot decide on such an exquisite purchase, then it is completely in vain. After all, such dishes will delight not only you, but also guests who will admire it and secretly wish the same. Each feast, where bohemian glassware will be used, will become a real, unforgettable holiday.

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