Virgin Brazilian hair is the best human hair. Because it didn't go through any chemical process.When choosing a Brazilian hairstyle, the difference between a Brazilian body wave and a loose body wave can be confusing. So what's the difference between a Brazilian wave and a body wave? Which one is better?

Brazilian virgin hair is thick, soft and has natural wavy patterns. Loose wave refer to more wavy and curly hair.Compared with body wave, the curl of loose wave is smaller and tighter.Many women like loose wave, which look more natural and fluffy.

Body wave hair is a type of loose which looks very natural. It has the character of straight and curly wave. The curls of body wave looks more relax. If you are not satisfied with straight hair, and you have interests in curls, the body wave will be your first choice. It can mix with your own hair which can help your hair to look more natural.

Which human hair to choose?
Body wave and loose wave are made of best virgin hair, 100% real human hair, no chemically treated, give a beautiful wavy pattern. Compared with body wave, loose wave give a more wavy pattern. Both body wave and loose wave are well recieved by fashion women..

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