BHT or Body hair transplant is the type of hair transplantation in which the hairs are transplanted to the head from other parts of the body. This procedure or technique is only used on persons who don’t have enough scalp or hairs on their heads so follicles are taken from any part of the body to get the desired output of hair transplantation, in such cases, the surgeon uses the method of BHT in which hairs are taken from your face, armpits from Legs, Arms, Chest, or Back.
In body hair transplant hairs are removed using the same FUE technique the body of a person becomes the donor area for a hair transplant then the individual hair grafts or follicles are transplanted at the bald area or area with a lack of hair. This technique is used for patients who don’t have many hairs on the backside of the head, any natural effect, maybe normal hair loss or previous hair transplant is the reason for fewer hairs.
The main difference between a traditional hair transplant and the Body hair transplant is that in traditional follicles are taken from the back of the scalp while in BHT the donor area is the whole body that is follicles are taken from any part of the body. BHT is used by surgeons when the Back Side of the Head is not dense enough for FUE.
To proceed into the process, the person for BHT must fulfill certain conditions, these include the type of skin, the depth of hair follicle under the skin, the suitability of hairs to be used as head hairs, and the thickness of hairs along with the structure that is Wavy, Curly, Straight.
To Obtain a natural hairline in these regards the following factors are very important:
o Correct preparation of follicular units
o Using high skills in body hair transplant
o Avoiding the damage of graft
o Accurate extraction of hairs
So it is necessary for the doctor to have high experience and perfect skills to get the successful results of BHT.
Major concerns for body hair transplants
These are the fears
The process of removing body hair, Hair death in two or three years after the procedure, the incompatibility between scalp hair and body hair, and the difference in the structure between scalp hair and body hair.
Side Effects
For many patients who want to go under the hair transplant The main source of concern is a procedure using body hair is whether there are scars in the body donor area after the procedure but scars in the donor area but these will heal within weeks.
Body hair has a lower quality than the hair on the scalp which is The disadvantage of this kind of procedure. This is due to the fact that the hair around the body is less coherent than the structure of hair in the scalp. After a body hair transplant in order to have a successful result, you need to plant more hair than you really need.
1. Body Hair Is Much Hard to Harvest
Then hair that is growing naturally on your head, body hair is much harder to harvest. Because from the body hairs that grow beneath the skin at a particular angle. Thus the technique of fue does not account for hairs that grow in this way because this angle makes fue techniques very difficult. When the extraction technique is attempted, render the follicle itself completely useless it will almost always fail. Also, the actual hair itself is far thinner the roots are smaller than those that grow on the head, and therefore success rates of body hair transplant are much lower.
2. Un-Natural appearance of Body Hair
As you can imagine, if hairs are transplanted from the chest hair will grow and look like legs or chest hairs that are thinner, softer, less coarse, and far curlier and if taken from legs they will grow slowly and no longer as heads hairs do. So they will look disjointed and odd.
3. Insufficient donor areas
In almost all cases of body hair, the donor areas do not contain enough grafts to cover the target area and are insufficient. This would mean that the result would look completely wrong and strange because either more and excessive grafts are required. you would need to cover the head in the region of around 3500 grafts. 1000 potential graft areas are roughly present in the chest area, which is of course not enough.
As long as there isn’t an urgent for it doctors do not recommend body hair transplant procedures. To get grafts from the donor area in the head is the doctor’s priority. If you want to know more detail,

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