Body hair transplant is under practice all around the world. Those people who do not have healthy donor areas on the scalp can choose this treatment to get rid of baldness and have their looks back. Grafts can be taken from different parts, sites, and areas like the chest, beard, legs, and sometimes from the pubic region when no other option is available. The best spots for this purpose are chest and beard, and 500 to 4000 graft units can be extracted depending upon the demand. The newest techniques are carried out to perform this feat and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is the preferred method. This method is done under limited anesthesia. Specialist dermatologists and plastic surgeons should be consulted as this action demands high levels of skills and fragility. After giving circular incisions, the grafts are plucked out from the donor area along with the follicles with the help of micro motors. Then these grafts ate planted in the desired section.
Body hair transplant has the best scope in Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). It is one of the latest techniques devised in the arena of cosmetic surgery. It is available in many countries around the globe including Pakistan and; many doctors are using this method to treat baldness permanently. It has been seen preferred over the old conventional means because of its tremendous outcomes and returns. In this procedure, follicles are also extracted along with the follicles in the grafts. Each graft unit obtained from the scalp region covers 2 to 4 follicles’ units. This procedure is done under supervision and local anesthesia. Special instruments i.e. micro motors are used to pluck the grafts out of the donor site of the same person without giving any incision, and then these grafts are planted at the desired recipient area. This whole procedure requires 6 to 7 hours for their completion. Grafts are taken from those spots where there are healthy follicles available and growth is good. Body hair transplant especially Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) includes the best spots which serve as the donor areas include the back of the head but the other sites and facial sites can also be used if the first option is not available.
Body hair transplant has many advantages. Doctors go for this option either to preserve other donor zones of the scalp which are not healthy enough to serve the purpose, or when the patient is completely bald. Due to the latest techniques used, chances of infections are less and there is no need for stitches because the minute incisions heal themselves. Results are long-lasting and the success rate is high. Grafted follicles fall after a few weeks but it is totally a normal phenomenon, and they will grow back and considerable results are observed after 6 to 8 months. Due to the presence of follicles, growth will continue. Also, grafts are taken from the same patient; therefore, the chances of rejection are very few.
Body hair transplant, where has several advantages, there are many limitations as well. The grafts are thin as compared to that of the scalps. Patients may find it irritating because there are coarser looks at the back of the head and thinner in front. So, more grafts are needed to produce the same wanted effects. As they grow slower in comparison to that of the head, it takes more time for full effects to be achieved. Sometimes complications can occur like folliculate, abscess formation, permanent scars at the donor site and post-traumatic pain, etc. Body hair transplant has major drawbacks regarding its cost.
Body hair transplant is a great achievement in the field of cosmetic surgery. To conclude the above discussion, we can say that there are many pros and cons of this treatment. It may serve as a way to get rid of baldness but the results are not very promising as compared to those when the scalp serves as the donor area. Therefore, doctors go for this procedure as the last option when there is no area on the head to act as a donor. It is a highly expensive procedure and the price falls in the range of $4000 to $15,000 depending upon the number of graft units planted, the specialist doctor consulted, and the center you choose for this cosmetic surgery. If you are thinking to get a Body hair transplant in Lahore then you can click and read more information about it

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