Body hair extraction surgery is suggested as the option for extensive cases of baldness and hair loss with poor donor scalps. Hair transplant is the surgical transfer of hair from the donor site to the recipient site. Body hairs are used for transplantation in case of poor scalps when there is no donor site left at the head. Body hairs can be taken from any part of the body like the beard and the chest. However, evidence of its long-term effect is still lacking, it is not preferred to use frequently because a few reports are published about its success and this technique is still controversial. Doctors are doing experiments and making advancements in this field and have seen some successful reports, but this technique is still not much preferred to get rid of baldness. Doctors prefer this in only substantial cases.
Body hair extraction surgery can follow two contrasting procedures: the first one is extracting hair from the body and replanting it into the scalp and the other one is, extracting hair from the scalp to replant it into the body. It is a very sensitive treatment it requires very delicate and careful handling. Body hairs are used to transplant the head to cover the bald area and promote hair growth. They are also being used to cover scars giving a very natural and undetectable look. It is also a good option to reconstruct the natural look of the damaged area in an injurious accident like eyebrow and other hair containing parts of the body. They can also be used in mustache and beard hair transplantation.
There are two basic methods of transplantation that can also be applied for body hair extraction surgery, including follicular unit transplantation (FUT) and follicular unit extraction (FUE). In follicular unit transplantation, a strip of skin is required for the donor area which is extracted with incision and then closed with stitches. Body hair is widely spread all over the body and beard hair is exposed in the facial area. Extraction of the strip can disfigure the face by leaving a visible mark which is unacceptable. In follicular unit extraction, it is possible to extract individual hair or selected graft from any part of the body with the help of a micro punch tool. It is painless and does not leave any significant scar behind. It allows preciseness harvesting of follicles over a large area. This is a reliable method for body hair extraction surgery.
This type of transplant cost is high because it involves many factors that can be ignored in simple hair transplantation. Usually, it costs 1$ for each graft and typically 1000 to 1500 graft transplants during the surgery. Only trained and professional doctors can perform body hair extraction surgery because it is difficult as compared to a scalp’s hair transplant. It is labor-intensive, time taking and many doctors perform this surgery together. Body hair harvesting should be done over a large area because of varying densities of hair. The angle of body hair extraction and the angle of scalp implantation are different. The structure of hair involving structure and diameter changes with the donor site. The doctor will have to cut and adjust the diameter and position for the best result and successful treatment.
Body hair extraction surgery is a suggested option for intense baldness and hair thinning. Hair fall has become a common problem now a day because of poor diet and stressful routines. Hair fall has different patterns, it can be patchy or it can occur all over the head because of hair thinning. This type of treatment is suggested in extensive cases when not many healthy follicles left at the donor site. There is no such evidence of its 100% success, but the doctors are doing hard work on this method. If you want to know more detail,

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