If a woman wasn’t very happy with her body, there are number of things that she could do. And the approach that she takes can all depend on what kind of personality she has.

One Option

When she looks at her body she could end up feeling bad about herself, but that doesn’t mean that she will do anything about it. This could mean that she will do things that will have a negative effect on her appearance.

For example, what she puts into her mouth might not be very healthy, and this could even cause her to gain weight, for instance. After this, she could feel even worse and, after a while, she could go through the same process again.

A New Direction

If this is what takes place, it is going to be vital for her to reach out for external support. As if she continues to behave in this way, her life is only going to get worse, and the longer she experiences life in this way the harder it will be for her to change.

One of the things that she can do is to reach out to her friend and family, and to tell them about what is taking place. Also, though telling these people about what is going on and what she wants to do, it can be a lot easier for her to follow though.

Another Option

Conversely, she could decide to join a gym, and this will give her the opportunity to transform her appearance. This could show that she is someone who doesn’t like to sit around.

Through being driven, she is going to have the fuel that she needs to get things moving. Up until this point, this fuel might have been used in other areas of her life or, perhaps she has recently gone through a challenging time and this caused her to neglect her body.

Going All Out

Once she has joined a gym, she could end up working with a personal trainer and have a diet plan made. If this was to happen, it could show that she doesn’t want to waste time.

In a short while, she may have a holiday coming up, or another important occasion could be on the horizon. So, though thinking about this time in her life, it will give her a reason to stay on track.


Then again, if she values herself, she won’t need to have anything coming up in order to stay on track. Through being this way, it will allow her to stay in shape all year round as opposed to just a few months of the year.

What this shows is that when someone values themselves, they are more likely to look after their body. Therefore, if a woman is not happy with her body, she could look into what is taking place within her.

Going Within

When it comes to how she sees her body, what is taking place within her can have an effect. Said another way, her own beliefs, thoughts and feelings can define how she perceives her own body.

It is then not as if she is just observing her own body. This is then why there are people who believe they are fat, even though they are underweight, for instance.

Two Sides

With this is mind, it is clear to see why it can be a good idea for a woman to get the right exercise and to look into how she sees herself. If she only focuses on her body and ignores what is going own within her, she could be in for a shock.

The reason for this is that unless her self-image matches up with her outer image, she might not be able to accept how good she looks. Other people will able to accept this, but it won’t be possible for her to do so.

It’s Harder

When a woman feels bad about herself, it can be normal for her to try to change how she feels by focusing on her appearance. She can believe that once she has the perfect body, she will feel different.

This can work, of course, but there is also the chance that it won’t work. Focusing on what is taking place externally can be a lot easier than it is to focus on what is taking place internally.

A Balanced Approach

Based on this, it could be said that if a woman is not happy with how she looks it will be vital for her to make sure that she doesn’t neglect her inner world. This will also stop her from abusing her body.

Lifting heavy weights in a gym is painful, yet it can be fair more painful for someone to face their inner pain. However, through facing and working through what is within them (and this pain won’t last forever) it will enable them to value themselves.

The Ideal Body

And while a woman might just want to lose weight or tone up, for instance, she may want her body to look like someone else’s body. This could be someone that she knows, or it could relate to someone who is in the public eye.

If it relates to the latter, there is a strong chance that she is very familiar with this person’s body. As even though she probably won’t have met this person, she will be able to see their body on social media.

The Big Deception

The trouble is that this celebrity’s body might not be real, and it could then be impossible for them to look the same way. For one thing, they might have had their buttocks surgically enhanced.

It then might not matter how many hours they workout out or what they eat, as they won’t end up with the same figure. Along with this, they could be looking at pictures that have been heavily edited.


Now, this is not to say that a woman shouldn’t be inspired by the people she sees online; what is means it that she needs to be aware of why some of these women look the way that they do. This will stop her from having unrealistic expectations, and it will then be a lot easier for them to achieve their goals.

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