It is easy to understand the fact that if a person trains intensely each day that they will start depleting their muscles glutamine stores before they have fully recovered from the workout resulting in daily loss of glutamine. Though the body can produce glutamine, any intense physical exercise or any form of prolonged stress can deplete the levels. When glutamine levels fall, the body responds by robbing glutamine from other muscle groups which might create imbalance in growth. This is why most informed nutrition experts now recommend using glutamine supplements while on a workout schedule.

To avoid depletion of glutamine through repeated daily exercise, supplementation of glutamine will help combat the catabolic effects that result from hard training. Boditronics, one of the leading players in the design and manufacture of sports nutrition products, has come out with a rich formula called the Bodipure L-Glutamine. Boditronics has a team some of the most experienced design and manufacturing people in the sports nutrition business and by policy, use only finest ingredients that are covered by stringent quality controls and that are research proven to deliver results. Boditronics has been bringing out sports nutrition supplements and products that are of impeccable quality, flavour and engineered with the very latest technology to deliver real results not hype, which has contributed to its growth and popularity in the UK and Europe.

Boditronics’ Bodipure L-Glutamine has micronised glutamine for rapid absorption to elevate blood levels of glutamine within 30 minutes. Boditronics’ Bodipure L-Glutamine needs to be taken as a dietary supplement every day to replenish your body’s glutamine reserves. All you need to do is add 2 teaspoons (10 gms) to 300-500 ml of water or fruit juice and consume within 30 minutes, one serving before and one serving after training. After every workout your muscles will need to be replenished with the necessary Boditronics’ Bodipure L-Glutamine which gives your muscles the required support for building lean muscle mass and the energy to recover and harden, as glutamine is essential for muscle growth.

Another innovative product from Boditronics is the Boditronics Nu-Topia Meal Replacement which has created a new dimension of sorts in meal replacement technology. It brings together slow and fast digestible proteins of the highest quality which have been combined with low glycaemic carbohydrates and ultra fine cooked ground oats and barley malt.

Essential oils are added in the Boditronics Nu-Topia Meal Replacement and are naturally occurring in the form of MCT oil and EFAs Omega 3 and 6s. The Fructo-Oligosaccharides deliver the Probiotic effects to further support digestive health and nutrient breakdown prior to absorption. A vitamin and mineral complex ensures that the micro-nutrient metabolic requirements of hard training are met. Boditronics Nu-Topia Meal Replacement tastes great, mixes well in a shaker, and provides the right balance of nutrients to a healthy diet, lean muscle gain, body-shaping or fat reduction.

Customers can buuy Boditronics Nu-Topia Meal Replacement in traditional bulk-pack sport supplement containers. Boditronics Nu-Topia is easy to use and provides the best meal replacement to suit the individual‘s target body weight.

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