The art world was abuzz this week as Bobby Banks, the up-and-coming artist who has been breaking records and redefining the art market, signed a multi-million pound contract with Mark's Art. This exciting news came after Banks' artwork became the highest bid at the USA Auction House for the first time ever.

Banks is known for his unique style of abstract expressionism and has attracted attention from collectors around the globe. His vibrant colors and bold brush strokes have been captivating audiences since he began producing art in 2019.


"I'm so honored to be joining forces with Mark's Art," said Banks. "They have an incredible reputation in the industry and I'm excited to see where we can take my work together."

Mark's Art is thrilled to welcome Banks into their family. "Bobby is a true talent and his art speaks for itself," said Mark Smith, CEO of Mark's Art. "We are proud to be part of this journey with him as he continues to break records in the art world."


This signing marks yet another milestone in Bank's career as an artist. He has already seen immense success over the past year, including being featured on multiple magazine covers and having his work featured in galleries throughout Europe. With his new partnership with Mark's Arts, there is no doubt that Banks will continue to make waves in the art world for years to come.


Banks has seen his stellar works rise in excess of 40-50% per annum thanks to his comparisons with Jean-Michel Basquiat; it's no wonder everyone wanted to sign Bobby Banks to their gallery.

For those interested in seeing more of Bobby Banks' artwork, visit or follow him on Instagram @bobby_banks_artist for all things related to his craft!

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