Most of the times, the performance of your boat trailer depends heavily on the health and condition of its tyres. If the trailer tyre has worn or gotten poor in its operation; it impedes its ability to haul your boat (or any other item). It can also create a potential road hazard, especially if the load is too much for the worn-out tyres to support.

For this precise reason, maintaining the condition of your trailer tyres becomes paramount.

“The main two factors which govern the performance of your trailer tyre are its ability to thread properly even in rough or upward/downward sloping roads and its capacity to hold pressure.”

So, the main focus of the maintenance should be the tyre air pressure and the wear and tear it has undergone. It makes them prone to slow leaks and tear over time. Also, as trailer tyres bear a more sporadic usage in contrast to vehicle tyres, they lose air through disuse.

Prior to check your trailer usage, be sure to inspect the tyre pressure and add air whenever necessary to avert blowouts due to low pressure and potential swaying of the trailer. This will lead to further tread wear and tear.

Another aspect which you should check for is the amassing of normal tread wear. At times when you add some more items with your boat, the heavy load it bears causes the tyres to wear faster than usual. This poses a huge life risk especially in poor weather conditions.

If you notice the tyres aren’t holding the air inside properly, then you should look to replace them immediately. No way should you use tyres having uneven wear and tear levels as it can lead to different tyres swaying in different ways, and that is the last thing you want, especially on slippery roads or poor driving conditions.

Other Means To Maintain Your Trailer Tyres:-

  1. If you have a spot outside to keep your trailer, then you should know that moisture and the harsh sun’s rays are two potential dangers for your trailer tyres. To safeguard the tyres and prevent spidery web cracks forming, cover it up.
  2. Whenever you park your trailer on a moist grass surface, that moisture will get inside your tyre’s interior and ruin them. That seeped moisture will lead to a problem, particularly during the winter season. Even though it is summer at present, keep in mind to park atop a plywood or concrete surface, come winter.
  3. Prior to heading out, also check for flat spots on your tyre, particularly when they have been parked for some days/weeks. To prevent this, be sure to inflate the tyres properly and check if every one of them rotates and functions uniformly.

If you find that your existing trailer tyre is on its last breaths, look to procure a new one immediately from a notable truck trailer parts supplier in Sydney known for supplying quality and warranted spare parts.

And for more questions or tips about trailer parts, be sure to consult with these specialist suppliers. They will advise you on the best options in the market along with after-care tips to keep them in good shape for a long time.

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The author is a trailer parts supplier in Sydney which includes of all kinds of trailer accessories be it electrical, springs, and more. The author also loves sharing tips and hacks to ensure such accessories stay in good condition for a sustained period.