Blue Matrix Energetics I Merkaba Technique


This technique is taught in Blue Matrix Module I. It involves focusing energetically to detach from the past and to create a new calibration of mind in the present. The number one obstacle in manifesting the new health state understands the soul’s mis calibration that has not allowed for the presence of a correct light coordinate that is in no space/time other than the healed state. Please see the handout the Human Energy Field and the Seven Energy Centers for a review if necessary.

Many people in our society unconsciously live each day of their lives through the needs of physical activities, the need for repeated emotional experiences and the responsibilities that may accumulate in life tethered to linear time that can propel one into an unconscious routine or worse if too many challenges are taken on adrenal burnout and depression. Emotions make us feel ‘alive’ however some of those are able to toxify and run the biochemistry of the body incorrectly.
When one forgets and falls asleep, the reminder that ‘there must be more’ is experienced by the presence of emptiness somewhere deep within each person that is never fully satisfied through external experiences only. The human desperately attempts to fill this mysterious ‘emptiness’ with more relationships…madly searching for ‘the one’…more shopping, eating, drugs, etc. and the emptiness just grows. By the time depression sets in many are swallowed into this deep miserable hole quite entirely and often turn to ‘medicating’ themselves out of it. This mysterious emptiness, which is quite simply a red alert from our Divine self, can be filled by becoming knowing as being. It is from that realization that the most awesome, beautiful dreams are manifested into the reality of life. This is achieved through the clean, laser like focus the human is capable of and the love of Divine self which is eternally expressed through the act of creation.
Quantum physics can give us the scientific knowledge of what the Divine self really is and what it is capable of; the mysterious Observer. This exciting field of science truly transcends the limited consciousness of human existence. Blue Matrix Energetics can assist the human in experiencing the soul as empowered within our beingness instead of crippled by ignorance.


In this moment you have the supreme power to completely close the door to your past and move all that energy to a new space/time calibration.

-Sit with back straight.
Begin rhythmic, yogic breathing in and out through the nose audibly against the back of the throat. Focus on the center of the forehead and as you inhale and as you exhale feel the kundalini energy rush up the spine from the lower back, reaching the brain as you pulse the eyes upwards to the third eye.

-Continue this breathing deeply in the above manner until you feel tingling in your head. If you place your hand above your cranium you will feel coolness on top and pressure in the center of the brain forms.

-See the energy spiraling in your head faster and faster like a tight, opalescent vortex while you breathe; this creates a powerful electromagnetic field around you and you plug into the light spectrum according to the instructions with your seven energy centers tuned to the correct frequency.

-Know that you are actually sitting within a UFO like sphere of energy. The inner bands of energy spin counter clockwise like hoola hoops and the outer bands spin clockwise (on an axis like a globe around the body) simultaneously.

-Consciously spin these energy bands around you as you breathe deeply and rhythmically; shallow breath as you trance is incorrect and slows the process down Feel the spin faster and faster till the field of light glows bright extending to your fingertips all around you. Periodically check on the kundalini up the spine. Pulse the eyes quickly upwards in a rhythm as you continue to breathe slowly and deeply and rotate the energy band width fast (kundalini will continue to move up as directed simultaneously).

-Take a deep breath and hold it turning your entire self UV blue. Exhale ultraviolet blue energy turning the spinning field UV blue. Continue to breathe deeply the blue energy in and exhale it into the counter rotating sphere.

-Keep the opalescent white Kundalini awareness in the brain spinning and the blue sphere spinning. Focus on this till the field is spinning so fast the sphere begins to pulse and hum. There is a sound of all sound at once like waves crashing when you build a momentum that is fast enough and do not shallow the breath. Continue till you feel a lifting in your chest area pulling you upward and cold around you.

-Once the rhythmic pulsation and sound is established, focus on your ultra violet blue matrix body and see the blue matrix information system that is the DNA coding the neurons and cell structures like a latticework of mind forming the healed you keep the field strong, the eyes pulsing upward and the Merkaba bright UV blue.
-Once complete you may open the eyes while continuing the Merkaba process and stare straight ahead at a clear spot on the wall with the eyes slightly crossed (see stereogram viewing on - line or in a book) to view a scene of the future from your completed Merkaba. **See bottom for additional tip.


Bandwidth is a phenomenon of the various vibratory levels accessible of human energy field that comprises that bandwidth. There are two levels of band with that are generating the flesh and emanate to create the whole auric field; one of seven energy levels accessible which comprise those seven frequency dimensions and another layer on the outer section after the first set of seven which comprises of a very unique system of accessing multiple levels of consciousness during the Merkaba process. Inner bands are our immediate incarnated body in our local space time being held together. Outer bandwidth has a function which I remember as the ‘music of the spheres’ when there is interaction and the playing of both the inner and outer circles or spheres that are comprised of tuned bandwidth. It is also the ‘tunes’ that our soul plays during Cocooning, Merkaba and other high focus or lucid practice. Ascending frequency kingdoms are accessed and achieved through higher focus during the BME Merkaba practice.

Effects on your brain and nervous system during Merkaba:
The central nervous system CSN which is receptive to sensory input like touch is used in a different manner during the process. The spinal cord, brain and entire nervous system lights up white electricity that is why I have always seen the cerebral spinal fluid opalescent white glowing in sessions. Electrical activity during focus to teleport, levitate and to hyper jump during instant healing or manifestation for example, is necessary. It is the spirit that is hooked up to the brain and nervous system; creating the Holy Spirit experience of pure white light that is cool. A de subluxed spine is necessary for optimal result; see a chiropractor if necessary to enhance all energy work. Cerebral electrically charged fluid bathes the glands in the brain which feed from internal light. Without it they shrink substantially; that is the secret most do not know about our glandular system that makes the difference between a super being created from internal light activation and one who has much less occurring through a lack of higher consciousness practice and has a completely different biochemistry that supports aging and often disease. Teen years the glands begin to shrink as sexuality becomes a strong driving force replacing many natural higher perceptual abilities largely unsupported by parents and schools. The difference being that teens do not engage sexually right away so they do not have access to higher sexual teachings and yet have the hormones of puberty raging from the pituitary turning them on to develop sexual differentiation therefore these beings have a lot to benefit from in learning Quantum Mind Tech tools. Young males have daily sperm production and the drive to procreate which may contribute to mood swings and other challenges without the outlet of sexual activity in young years. Merkaba may be used to support the body changes during puberty in both males and females for example the male may focus on sperm dissolving during Merkaba to help mind manage through puberty. A higher consciousness around dating then would likely ensue where it is not the hormones talking to girls but a lovely consciousness. In females shyness or early sexual activity may be reduced. Practicing prevents the shrinkage of the upper glands that usually begins after puberty as the light of higher consciousness turns to peer acceptance and societal programs of structure and authority causing the beginning of aging discussed in scientific studies about the glandular system.

What is spiritually asleep? The light has gone out literally from the nervous system and brain from a lack of practice of techniques that keep or turn it on. From this light the DNA replicates in a manner that demands of it higher order of function increasing intelligence, health, well being, confidence and many more benefits that is soul patterned without the influence of parents. You are your own ‘charge’ as a light charging being during Merkaba. Perhaps that reduces the likely hood of people charging up credit cards in the mall in the future if they learn to charge up the light within which leaves one very satiated and biochemically re calibrated away from ‘hungry’ states. This also applies to Quantum Slim™

Movement of light through the spine and brain is up through the reticular formation that holds the mid brain area and engages the frontal lobe then for a faster firing sequence hits the cerebellum already engaged in heart beat and breathing mechanism. When the cortex area is engaged the great I deposits the observer into the little I that is using a very slow frequency common to a ‘lights off but somebody’s home’ existence; necessarily slow not to frighten the self. This phenomenon is the observer actually running multiple streams of consciousness; your vital signs maintained and engaging slower areas of the brain than the one that maintains your vital signs. Remember when the being is engaged in faster areas of the brain the entire brain and nervous system lights up to accommodate the holographic picture from the observers focus. Electrically zapped glandular hormone sequences are the reason no drugs are ever desired by observers who use Quantum Mind Tech™ tools. Ecstasy inducing hormones are secreted that remove the potential of fear from the observer of the electrical activity and hyper space experience.

Placement of holographic visuals in the frontal lobe during Merkaba is the Q Field engaged as large as you are able to hold as your space time unraveled and reconfigured. I have spun and seen the room appear as if all of the atoms forming matter were like paint running and dissolving; it is actually occurring with the Merkaba engaged correctly.

Nodding off begins to dim the light of the nervous system and is the antithesis of correct Merkaba focus. If there is a lack of passion for Merkaba none of your Quantum Mind Tech tools will be empowered in the same manner as they are in an entity that has great passion for the practice and engages it with high energy and focus. In addition not enough light charge is there to turn on the upper glandular system powerfully if the observer nods off during the process.

Mitochondria action is fed from the light within which converts it to a state where less sleep is required for the individual and holding a stronger light charge is built within the cells. Mitochondrial action supported is one of the key objectives in BME Merkaba practice that brings a joyful, energized state to those practicing.

Increasing vibrational light calibration occurs with succeeding modules with alchemical transformation of the bloodstream (especially with hyper jump away from any disease holding holographic record that is changeable) same with any tissue that holds disease; it breaks down over time or may hyper jumped away.

Tumors are like a network of growth that desires an observer to reach out and find other sick people to crate their victim collective. This is an example of the light gone dim and going out and how demented states of consciousness are formed in people who would have a criticism against this type of work because the codex is not opened to comprehend it. When education changes to support the natural light heartedness of children with teachers who are not dim adhering to a curriculum missing components of history, updated science energy training, more of economic and eco care training for the future the cycle of disease and outdated power structures on this plane will end. Changes have already begun and every light turned on is a greater climb toward higher voltage concepts that change all sectors of society. For those young people attending module I welcome and for those parents who have children at home offer your class notes for them to examine to see if they desire to practice BMEQMT tools with you. Greatest success is likely from the success of the parents demonstrating profound change in their lives which creates respect in the child without nagging them to participate.

**An added tip for beginning to manifest from the Quantum field is to place a rotating, holographic picture in the frontal lobe are during the practice during the last step.

*Bonus practice for the confident: during the BME Merkaba focus place a picture in the frontal lobe area that you rotate like a holograph; something you would like to create in your life. Make it rich and as detailed as possible.

Please note this is only for personal examination to encourage attending a Blue Matrix Energetics module I that is inclusive of all module I Quantum Mind Tech tools to ensure correct technique and greatest results.

Only qualified instructors of BME may teach this work in workshops.

Note: BME does not endorse UFO implant programs that may create side effects, harm or may interfere with our learning tools in any manner.

It is normal to feel biological changes from practice of this focus tool as the body shifts to a new quantum state. Symptoms similar to detoxification of the body are not abnormal.

Missed in many teachings is the ancient phenomenon of the golden wings unfolding during high powered focus time where there is an interesting phenomenon of freedom of the whole spine along with the brain that is the opposite of a baby forming where the biology is anchoring itself to the earth plane through the formation of the neurons through its growth in gestation. During BME Merkaba practice safe for all ages the neurons in the spine unfold like great wings on a higher etheric level and become are the sphere spinning fast. Earlier ascensions may have been the glorious wings unfolding on an entity uplifted by the beings Holy Spirit and then a fast cosmic flight away from the physical plane as the energy field turns spherical transmuting the rest of the flesh to the zero point field and the entity is out of this dimension though may touch down again if so desired and be seen and embraced by humanity though they glow and are radiant as the flesh that was transmuted.

Please remember to book your module I for the complete set of BMEQMTtools.

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