Acne is so much more than just a frustrating skin condition; it’s life altering, and not in a good way. Acne can be extremely embarrassing, can lower self-esteem, hinder daily activities, and can impede your enjoyment of life. For someone who experiences the effects of acne it can be unbearable. Because acne is so visible it can really affect your day to day life and is next to impossible to hide. Many turn to dangerous medications in an attempt to finally be rid of this all-consuming condition. Although some of these drugs may produce results they are a serious risk to your health and treatments such as blue light therapy offer a safe and natural alternative.

Blue light therapy is an advanced technology that comes to the rescue and actually kills the bacteria that cause acne without the use of drugs or chemicals. It’s a powerful yet gentle option for treating and preventing acne.

Blue LEDs (light emitting diodes) at 415 nanometers (nm) penetrate into the skin where the concentrated wavelengths soothe and stabilize your sebaceous glands helping to control oil production as well as destroying P. acnes, the acne causing bacteria. The blue LEDs do all of this without a single drug or toxin. They simply bathe your skin in therapeutic blue light and go to work fighting and preventing breakouts.

As a side note, blue LEDs have been shown to have the potential to cause macular degeneration (eye damage) if appropriate eye protection is not worn during full facial treatments. Therefore, it’s recommended that you use goggles during your blue light sessions and to never shine the lights directly into your eyes.

That being said, this therapy is incredibly easy to use in your own home. It’s very safe and effective for treating mild to moderate acne and only takes a few minutes a day in order to see positive results.

There are a number of options on the market that have proven track records. Look for systems that are FDA cleared and even better yet, combine the benefits of healing red light therapy along with the blue.

Red LEDs have been shown to accelerate healing, reduce inflammation, diminish redness, and reduce scarring. When combining the two therapies you will want to do a red treatment one day and then follow up with a blue light therapy treatment the following day. It’s a powerful combination in the fight against acne, but one that is gentle, safe, non-invasive, and best of all; drug free.

Blue light therapy is an innovative technology that offers a safe alternative to the many dangerous options that are the market today. Many dermatologists are now offering blue light therapy treatments for their patients because it is so effective with no known side effects, other than the risk to the eyes which is easily preventable. Systems that have been FDA cleared for home use make it extremely convenient to get clearer skin as well as making it easier to be consistent with treatments. Both adults and teens love how easy these systems are to use and how quickly they see visible results.

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