We are composed of different blood types. Most individuals have Type O blood, others have Type A, still others are Type B while a rare few have Type AB blood. And according to a naturopathic doctor, Peter J. D'Adamo, there are foods that can and cannot be eaten by each blood type. In his books Eat Right 4 Your Type and Live Right 4 Your Type, D'Adamo explains why each blood type should and shouldn't eat certain foods and the kinds of exercises that each blood type should undertake. The blood type diet of Dr. D'Adamo explains that the kind of blood type you have speaks of your body's chemistry which affect how your body absorbs the nutrition it takes from the food eaten. Aside from its benefits to weight loss, the blood type diet is said to enhance immune system function, allows individuals to deal with stress well and increases energy levels. It is said to promote a general sense of wellbeing.

According to D'Adamo, Type O individuals should follow a low-carbohydrate diet but high-protein diet. Thus, they may eat fish, vegetables, fruit and fish. They should not focus their diet on grains as this could be detrimental to their health. Where exercise is concerned, Type O individuals should engage in aerobic exercises to stay fit. Those with Type A blood should avoid red meat, wheat and dairy products. Their diet should comprise mainly of fish, vegetables, beans, legumes, grains and tofu. The exercise regimen recommended for those with Type A blood are those that involve only gentle stretches like Yoga and meditation. Type B individuals may indulge in meat, dairy, vegetables, legumes and fruits. They should, however, avoid peanuts, chicken, lentils and corn. The recommended workouts for those with Type B blood are cycling and walking. For the rare persons possessing Type AB blood, seafood, dairy, legumes, beans, fruits and vegetables may be eaten but red meat, seeds and buckwheat should be avoided. A combination of calming and rigorous exercises is recommended for those with Type AB blood.

The blood type diet is based on the theory the red blood cells in the body are affected by "lectins" which are a type of protein found in all the foods we eat. When these lectins agglutinate or bind with the red blood cells, they can cause your blood to clump together and cause all sorts of illnesses. To promote overall health, you should eat the foods that are only compatible with your blood type.

While the medical community is not all convinced that the blood type diet really works-- some medical experts claim that for as long as you have a healthy digestive system and have no other medical conditions, your body is well-equipped to handle all kinds of foods-- those who have tried it say that it has not only helped them lose weight but has also improved their allergies significantly. It has also improved other conditions such as asthma, heartburn and headaches. According to Dr. D'Adamo, the health benefits can be experienced in as early as two weeks following the diet regimen. It also contributes to overall feelings of health and wellness.

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