I stumbled into a pattern with blood types and protein. The original Blood Type Diet book says blood type O persons need more protein and higher quality because they are more physically active.

After a few years of observing myself and clients, it came abundantly clear many spiritual types with type O blood, all variations, had various unresolved issues with accepting, embracing and coming to peace with expressing physical vitality, while in a human body.

This karma does not apply to everyone with type O blood variations.

It appears to apply primarily to persons with type O blood who are also spiritually inclined and/or who live in California and/or participate actively in New Age and/or other Progressive activity.

The logic of this involves reverse psychology.

What I often find is spiritual-inclined type O blood types often have been trying fruitlessly for years to be vegetarian.

Being vegetarian may have worked for them for the first year they tried it, often in their 20s. However, as was noted by another practitioner, this is more of a cleansing and detoxing effect from the lousy diets of our youth, not the instituting of a lifelong vegan diet and lifestyle.

You probably know people who tried to be completely vegetarian, have failed, and have gone back to eating meat. The pattern suggests these are mostly the type Os I'm talking about. Their frequency is high enuf that meat does not attract them. However until they come to peace with expressing physical vitality, met-eating is not over until it's over.

It's definitely possible to eat too much protein, even for type Os. The issues to focus on, is not quality but quality

For type Os chicken is junk protein. It's simply too low quality.

For some reason turkey is much better for type Os than chicken.

I suspect a factor in "quality protein" is how YANG it is. Turkey is more YANG than chicken, chicken is more yin compared to turkey.

Eggs don't seem to be YANG enuf either.

By the way, remember Blood Type Diet suggests type Os do better with dark meat than light meat in fowl.

The reverse psychology is more obvious if you look at this over successive physical embodiments IF you have spent one or more lifetimes meditating in a cave, not using your body for much, denying your body's capacities, it's at least logical you might come back with an obligation to make your peace with expressing thru the body, expressing physical vitality.

What seems to work in no particular order:
- beef, especially beef liver if you like it
- bison,
- turkey dark meat if you can get it, otherwise white meat
- salmon, even canned is fine, pinker and redder is better
- COLD water sardines, prince Edward. No one should eat warm water sardines, too full of pollutants.

- Liver powder capsules from SwansonVitamins.com, grass-fed beef liver from Argentina. Beef liver is definitely one of the most YANG parts of a cow. The capsules make it very convenient.

Breakfast recipe ~ What worked for me today was ground up roasted hazel nuts from Trader Joes (best price anywhere) with juice or water and stevia. Down 2-3 beef liver capsules with the ground nuts.

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