What Are Blood Diamonds?
There are many countries that have abundant amount of diamonds in their soils but African countries are way ahead among all of them. Some analysts have calculated that almost two thirds of the whole amounts of diamonds in the world are found in the African countries. But the cruel fact is that all those gorgeous little stars are sold illegally for the purpose of financing illegal and violent acts to make lives of the African people harder. This is why they are called blood diamonds. There are several other terms used in conjunction with blood diamonds in Africa namely converted diamonds, war diamonds, hot diamonds and some other.

Where Exactly Are They Found?
They are found all over Africa in mines and other places. Blood diamonds in Africa are spread all over the continent in courtiers namely Angola, Liberia and Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast, Democratic Republic of the Congo, the republic of Congo and Zimbabwe.

Why Are They Sold Illegally
They are sold illegally because there is a war going on between African nations to gain control over the whole of Africa. Billions of dollars are raised by selling all these diamonds illegally so that they could purchase all the latest weaponry to wage a war against other nations. Most of the people who started and kept running these wars are rebellions who oppose the idea that the country should be run by a government and which is why they want to control the area and keep the possession of all the blood diamonds in Africa. These people seemingly have no limit of their brutality and can do almost anything to stay the boss of the area and owner of the diamonds in there. We can quote many instances when they have proved this thing practically. For instance the in Sierra Leonne there used to be a group that was called Revolutionary United Front that was famous for its barbarian ways to role the area. They have injured, ripped off arms and legs and even killed people in Sierra Leonne to achieve their objectives. They did the same series of acts to the workers and owners of lands and mines until they gained control of whole of the area. They did so much that people used to flee away when there used to be a news that Revolutionary United Front. They mutilated almost 20,000 people bodily and killed almost 75,000 of the and this can be counted among the most brutal genocide in the history.

Scientists have been trying to make diamonds in laboratory for like more than 50 years now. This success would also put end to all these anti-human acts funded by blood diamonds in Africa. Although thereare many efforts going on in the meanwhile to make the diamond business legitimate like Kimberly Process Certification Scheme.

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