With the opening of people’s mindset, sexual freedom and sexual culture are becoming more and more popular among young adults. Induced abortion is a solution for unplanned pregnancy, and the number of sufferers with infertility invited by abortion is also increasing, which is worthy of your attention.

Artificial abortion is one of the most common approaches to terminating pregnancy in today’s society. People are open-minded about sexual freedom while their concept of contraception has not kept pace with it, which increases the chances of pregnancy. And most of them can only choose to undergo induced abortions when they get pregnant by accident.

With the acceleration of the daily living rhythm and the stress from life and career, many young females have to take induced abortions to say goodbye to the life of their lovely unborn baby.

In clinical practices, blocked fallopian tubes can give rise to female infertility, and the cause of the blocked condition is often overlooked, among which induced abortion is the main factor of tubal blockage.

Generally, during induced abortion, mechanical or drug stimulation can give rise to strong uterine smooth muscle contraction, according to the doctors’ view. Uterine contents will not only move towards the orifice of uterus, but also can get into the fallopian tube cavity. Tissues entering the oviduct cavity are readily stuck and organized. If the oviducts cavity is totally blocked, female infertility will appear.

There are many situations of blocked fallopian tube that are invited by improper and excessive diagnosis and therapy in the process of infertility diagnosis and treatment. For instance, repeated hydrotubation and curettage in some small clinics are common.

If there is a partially blocked fallopian tubes, it will easily give rise to ectopic pregnancy. Hence, patients need to pay attention to having induced abortions before giving birth. What’s more, once genital inflammation occur, pelvic and peritoneal inflammation are found, timely and effective therapy need to be taken.

Bactericidal and anti-inflammatory therapy is the basis of pelvic inflammatory disease. Only by eliminating viruses, bacteria and chlamydia, can you treat it and eliminate the pathological variations.

Generally, speaking, herbal medicine Fuyan Pill is a great therapy option for sufferers, which exactly have the functions of clearing heat and detoxification, improving blood circulation and removing blood stasis, invigorating spleen and adjusting dampness.

The application of antidotes in it can kill pathogens that gives rise to chronic pelvic inflammatory disease. And it can help sufferers alleviate and improve chronic pelvic pain, irregular menstruation and other related symptoms.

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