With the potential blockchain holds, its use case cannot stay limited to just cryptocurrencies. Good news is that blockchain use cases are breaking the glass ceilings. It is bringing 360-degree disruption to the sectors that were untouched till date.

There are no signs of stopping!
Despite all the friction and resistance, blockchain is marking its footprints in logistics, supply chain, decentralization of Apps and a lot more is yet to be uncovered. Communion of blockchain with buzzing technologies like IoT, Artificial intelligence and big data has created a wave across all the sectors. Let us stay tuned with what is in store for us in 2019 from the blockchain landscape:

Supply chain Management
The commerce across the globe is a very complex ecosystem and what makes it worse is that it did not expand in an organized manner. The cornerstones of the ecosystem are logistics service providers, senders, receivers, technology solution providers and consultants. The major debacles of the current system is a lot of paperwork is involved, the products are being counterfeit and origin of tracking is not clear which leads to a lot of chaos.  

Blockchain surprisingly has a solution to all.  With the potential to bring transparency to the supply chain management, it is appealing the logistics service providers and senders primarily.

Enterprises of massive scale have started adoption of blockchain by hiring an organization to develop blockchain applications to settle the chaos in supply chain management.  
Secure predictions

Enterprise Apps, commercial Apps and more have been receiving a lot of consumer data. The data has tremendous capabilities but enterprises are wary about the security aspects of the data. Platforms have been developed that store the data on blockchain keeping it secure and with AI-powered algorithms, the predictions can be shared with business users without any kind of risk and counterfeit to the data. Using blockchain increases the accuracy of the predictions. As the user base of Apps increase, the risk to data increases. dApps is a future-proof solution to such issues. Adhering to dApps ensure the infrastructure is decentralized and the users pose no risk to it.  
Augmenting Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is the future but lots of IoT projects are not taking a practical shape. There are lots of challenges to the building to an ecosystem that makes a fully connected ecosystem of devices. A very evident challenge is the threat to the inside data of the connected devices. Blockchain can play an instrumental role in maintaining the security standards of the IoT ecosystem.

The decentralized distributed ledger technology can record the data produced and keep it in an immutable state. So although the data will be transparent to all, nothing can tweak the data to cause havoc.

Precise identity management

Every year enterprises are losing lot of insider data to malware attacks and other security threats. Stealing of identity data is a very common cause of data breaches. Blockchain finds its use in locking the identity data into the DLT and ensure its safety. The bio prints like Iris scans, fingerprints, voice data and more can all be digitized and kept secure.  This use case of blockchain makes it use worthy in banks, insurance, corporates, military operations and more.
To wrap

Blockchain landscape is on complete exploration by the blockchain enthusiasts. As more use cases are being identified, they are being put on practical front and as the results show, it seems blockchain has turned unstoppable. It is finding a use case in public and private sectors and the consensus on its adaption is turning stronger than ever. 

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