Bliss Is A Journey of Choices

Bliss is not some shaktified, colonized, imperialized consumable state.

Bliss is not all bon bons and orgasms all day while being fanned on a plush velvet couch with champagne at the ready.

Bliss is not all ease and excitement as money comes rolling in.

Bliss is not relegated to the wealthy, spiritual, or meditators only among us.

Bliss is not a fantasy or only for the lucky.

Bliss is not only for those who want nirvana.

And it’s definitely not only for living in a transcendent cloud all day either.

Bliss isn’t something you get in training.

It’s something that is born through your own deep and honest soul journey.

It is ecstasy for the journey of having a soul, and the reward for being complete, thorough, and doing the work to release this core ecstasy by seeing that the only disappointment is the one that arises from outsourcing your liberation from any other thing.

Bliss is about moment to moment decisions. It is about doing what needs to be done on the deepest level, it is about releasing all expectations and appointing yourself as the central divine provider and intimate, creative companion in your own liberation journey.

It is always within our reach to claim it. Every second.

Bliss doesn’t mean you become a dripping ooze of ecstasy every second, nor does it make you into some kind of love addict.

Bliss is truly an alchemical state we experience as a result of partnering and coupling within at all the edgiest corners of unenlightenment that we can encounter in our own self and our relationship…to experience bliss is the medicine the work gives.

The person in your mind who you think can’t experience bliss can. Always with all of our reach.

Bliss is not necessarily just take-out food and never having to work another day for the rest of your life. The ones who experience bliss are a force to be reckoned with, have the strength of the lion-hearted ones, and have burned in the fires for eons. Now they get to reap and enjoy the benefits of their hard work, and share it on all the realms with their own soul and their partners in all the ways…what an amazingly sexy, hot, intimate, and liberating delight.

It’s about being very honest with yourself in every little place you have given your power away, on all the levels and places that only you know about. And consciously and fiercely reclaiming this power for the benefit of your life, your relationship, and for the benefit of humanity.

Bliss can give you massive physical healing, release huge body syndromes, clear up heart pain entirely, and create magnetism.

It will also burn through egoic pain, and naturally help slide out, old injuries, pains, and mind structures. Your identity as any of that offshoot, old syndromes, will be on the way out.

It can also give you profound mental clarity, not just a fleeting ungrounded euphoria, but really help you access all the creativity available from your full spiritual and soul journey, and heal hurts, grief, agonies, and karmas, straight to the core, especially relationship realms; sex, love, intimacy, and connection.

Bliss is only here to serve as the elixir you know somewhere inside of you is the natural result, and you know exactly where it’s due, because you know you, and your beloved does too in many ways. You both see and can share in the mutual benefits this brings each other.

Everyone in partnership has their own unique way of being in bliss. It is a sweet, sacred intimate knowing that is possible and when you experience it together, there is a sublime union that happens, divine love, exalted love…delicious.

We will each have our expressions of bliss and they are often amazingly in sync with each other. Each version has its gift for the other, usually because they know the other so well.

You never have to mistrust Bliss and identify it as some temporary, fleeting thing, nor grip onto it like it is something to be possessed, it is delivered moment to moment based on how we do our inner alchemizing work, always. This is the gift our synthesizing efforts give us.

And never think the bliss needs to look a certain way either. Each person has their own unique journey of how that unfolds for them. And there is no competition, only more bliss possible when you become that coupling with your inner world, along with your beloved reflection.

The Bliss is really so deeply developed from the sincere work of facing the agonies, the sufferings, the karma, the disappointments of being a human and in our dissatisfactory ego, and healing that, is truly a pearl beyond any price because it is a herculean task, and the strength gained from that sets the foundation for the bliss to be sustainable.

Because we are all humans, who have hearts, histories, big deep desires, and passions of some kind or another, there is so much opportunity for bliss to alchemized into embodiment and become powerful, liberation medicine for the relationship.

Who wants more real and SUSTAINABLE Bliss?

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Known as The Intimacy Alchemist & Creator of Soul-Satisfying Love, Sex & Closeness', Joanna turns 30 years of counseling practice into a simple system that helps couples bring back the loving they enjoyed as newlyweds in as little as 2-3 weeks!