Some years ago I discovered a small but powerful little book in a second-hand bookstore. (Don't you just love second-hand bookstores?)

The little tome first attracted me, because its cover was a soft green velvet, not the usual paper stock variety.

I know, I know, you can't tell a book by its cover, but this cover DID give a clue to its rich content.

From page one it was full of "meat," and plenty of it.

It was copyrighted in 1935 and printed for the twentieth time in 1952. But by no means is it outdated (yes, you can still get it on Amazon).

No, the truths it contains are just as applicable today as when they were penned.

It covers several subjects concisely, but adequately.

But the one I wish to share with you today is that of the concept of blessing—not as one might usually think of the word, but as being the key to personal power.

When you bless a person or a thing, you are acting in a creative mode, which activates vibrations in the ether for good.

You put yourself on the same wavelength, as it were, with that person or thing, so that the object of your blessing is positively receptive to your blessing.

The effect of blessing a thing is to release the hidden good in it and to make the apparently troubled situation smooth and easy.

Get in the habit of blessing. Make it part of your daily routine. Even better, make it part of your daily prayer and meditation.

Part of blessing is praising. When you bless someone or a situation, say, "For the Goodness of God that is in you, I praise you and praise you and praise you." (And just in case you're wondering, no, you don't do this out loud, except when you are alone.)

Now do it with feeling! Really mean it! Put some oomph into it! Don't just use vain repetitions. Get emotional about it.

It is the feeling that releases the spirit of what you are thinking or saying. (Remember: The effectual fervent prayer ... avails much. James 5:16)

Only as you release the Spirit or heart of a thing do you really touch it. And by touching something, you have an inner agreement with it. And the instant you agree with something, that moment you release your blessing of it into manifestation.

For example, if you wish to develop certain positive characteristics in your mate—say, more love and consideration—just praise and bless him for all those characteristics that he already manifests, and you will stir up those very things deep in his being to manifest to an even greater degree.

Always remember to bless a person, a thing, or a situation, and it will bless you. Curse it, and also reap like results.

How, you ask, can you bless something that apparently is detrimental to you? In just this way: You ask the Lord to bless it so as to reveal to you just what you are supposed to learn from it.

And never forget: Problems are for promotions!

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