In todays world, ones image has become incredibly important. And there are all kinds of options for one to choose from when it comes to enhancing their image or even completely transforming it.

The style of clothes that one wears can be changed, as can the style and colour of their hair. From here, one can change their physical appearance through going to the gym or through having some kind of cosmetic or plastic surgery.

And in recent years, teeth whitening has also come to the forefront. This is another way for people to improve their appearance and they can change the shade of their teeth. Here, one can make their teeth a few shades lighter, so that there is only subtle change, or they can end up with teeth that are extremely white.

The Perfect Smile

When one talks to another person they are going to reveal their teeth. So it is only natural that one would want to have teeth that are in good condition. Having white teeth will give off the impression that one is clean and that they look after themselves.

One is likely to feel more confident when they smile and they will also look better when they do smile. Due to the amount of benefits that can be attained through having whiter teeth, it was always only a matter of time before teeth whitening took off.

Making A Mark

If something is not used and it is kept in its original packaging, its appearance is not going to change. That is unless it is food for instance; in which case, it will soon start to erode. But generally speaking, when something is not used it will be protected for quite some time.

Teeth on the other hand are constantly used and are therefore going to be marked. Certain things can have more of an impact than others though, such as: cigarettes, coffee, tea and wine.

Popular Choices

So even though someone may know that these things are having a negative impact on their teeth, it doesn’t mean that one will simply remove them from their life. And if one can simply change the colour of their teeth without having to stop drinking coffee or tea for instance, then they might not bother.

And as people often have high stress levels and low energy in today’s world, they need something to change how they feel. So due to these options being readily available, they are what people are generally going to be drawn to.


However, just because ones teeth look fine, it doesn’t mean their gums are in good shape. And at times they can ache and at other times they can bleed. One might have experienced bleeding gums recently and this could be the first time it has happened to them.

For others, bleeding gums might be something they have experienced before; it could even be a way of life. They are then all too familiar with this experience and this will naturally cause them concern.

Professional Advice

In these instances, it is always best to seek medical advice and to see what a trained professional comes up with. From here, one can gain some insight into why their gums are bleeding and follow the recommended steps.

They might recommend some kind of mouth wash that one should use for a certain period of time, or until the health of their gums change. One might be asked about what is going on for them at an emotional level, but then again, they might not.

Emotional Awareness

While one might not be aware of how they feel, what they will be aware of is the tension in their body or what they can’t stop themselves from doing. And when ones emotions are not faced and are instead pushed out of their awareness, they can cause one to experience physical pain and to engage in addictive behaviours, amongst other things.

Anger for instance can be felt in ones hands and in their mouth. If this anger is not experienced it can cause one to feel a sensation in their hands and their gums could just end up feeling tense.

The Build Up

In the beginning, this anger might just cause ones gums to feel tense but as this energy builds, it can cause ones gums to bleed. And as anger builds it can become rage and this can have an even stronger effect.

Anger is not good or bad, it is simply there to inform someone that something is not right. What it is likely to relate to is an experience or a number of experiences where one felt compromised or violated. These could present days experiences or go back to ones childhood years.


If one was to take step back from their anger and reflect on when their gums bleed, they might notice a pattern. Here, one may notice that certain things take place just before their gums bleed.

So this could be an external event or an inner event or both and then, ones gums start to bleed. It might take one a while to see a pattern though.

Under The Anger

Anger is just on the top and it can be easy for one to stay stuck there. Feeling angry can give one a sense of power and of being in control. To get in touch with the feelings underneath the anger can cause one to feel vulnerable and that they have no control.

However, if one goes beyond their anger they might find the following feelings: grief, powerlessness, helplessness and fear. These feelings could relate to a time in ones life where they felt violated or compromised in some way; with their needs and wants being ignored and denied.

Present Day Triggers

And as the emotional pain from the past has remained trapped in one’s body, their present satiations are triggering this unhealed pain. This pain is also causing one to re-create situations that reflect how they feel at a deeper level.


So it will be important for one to feel their anger and to go beyond it and to feel the feelings that are below the anger. This is a process that might require the assistance of a therapist or a healer.

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