While one could have the tendency to take responsibility for what happens in their life, they could also have the tendency to blame others. Based on this, it could be said that one can either behave like an adult, or they can behave like a child.

When one doesn’t take responsibility, it could mean that they blame both men and women; however, this might not be the case. Instead, one could always point the finger at the opposite sex.

Personal Life

As a result of this, there is only going to be one sex to blame when their life doesn’t go as they want it to. This can then mean that one will see themselves and the rest of their sex as being in a battle against the opposite sex.

Men/women are not their allies, they are there to cause them problems, and one will need to be vigilant at all times. If they were to let their guard down, so to speak, they could believe that men/women will try to have a negative effect on their life.

In The World

And through having this outlook in their personal life, there is a strong chance that it will have an effect on how their view what takes place in the world. So when they hear about something that is not going right, it can be normal for them to blame men/women.

It won’t be necessary for them to find out more and to gain a deeper understanding, as their mind will already be made up. What this will also do is allow them to save a lot of energy, as the wont need to think.

Guilty Until Proven Innocent

One way of looking at this would be to say that men/women will be seen as being in the wrong, and it won’t matter whether there is any evidence involved. Ultimately, it is their sex that matters here and that will be seen as the only evidence that is required.

But even if evidence did appear that went against their prior convictions, it doesn’t mean that it will have effect on their outlook. During this time, one may block out what appears and look for information that validates what they believe.

Observing Reality

And while one could just pay attention to what is taking place in the media from time to time, it could go even further than this. Thus, one could be in a position where they actively look for situations where their sex is being harmed by the opposite sex.

But although they are looking for these situations, it doesn’t mean that one will realise this. As far as they are concerned, they could believe that they are simply ‘observing’ what is taking place in the world.

Day To Day Life

When it comes to the experiences they have with the opposite sex, they are also like to see themselves as being victims. Therefore, it is not that they are playing a part in what happens; it is that they just happen to have these experiences.

Once again, one will see themselves as being nothing more than an ‘observer’ of their reality. There is then the chance that one will have a number of fiends who also have the same outlook on life.

Support in Numbers

This could be a time where they talk about how bad the opposite sex is and how they are the ones who create all the problems. In fact, they could believe that if they no longer existed the world would be a much better place.

Or if they didn’t go this far, they could believe that if their sex were in charge of everything the world would be fine. They could even go one step further and create some kind of movement.

A Sense of Control

When they are around people who have the same outlook, it will give them a sense of power. And as they don’t feel this way in their day to day life, they are naturally going to want to spend as much time as they can around these kinds of people.

During their time together they could talk about how the world needs to change, and that certain laws and quotas should be brought in. This is to be expected, as if they feel powerless at an individual level; they are going to need to gain control over their life through using external means.

A Closer Look

Now, if one was able to take a step back from how they experience life and to look into how other members of the same sex experience life, they would see that their reality is not the only reality. This can be a time where one will see that there are members of the same sex that have a radically different experience with the opposite sex.

They would also realise that there are members of the opposite sex that also perceive them in the same way. In these people’s eyes, it is the opposite sex who is to blame for what is taking place at a personal level and on a larger scale.

The Truth

This shows that not everyone perceives reality in the same way, but even though this is the case, each person can believe that their experience is how the world is. What this comes down to is that the experiences that one has are largely a reflection of what is taking place within them.

Therefore, if one always has problems with the opposite sex and is drawn to information that displays them as being the problem, it will be important for them to take a closer look at what is taking place at a deeper level. What this can show is that one’s younger years were a time when they were taken advantage of by the opposite sex.


This could have been a time where their mother/father didn’t treat them in a loving manner, and during this time one would have been powerless. Along with this, there might not have been another member of the opposite sex around to show them that not all men/women are the same.

Or perhaps one didn’t have a mother/father around during this time and their same sex parent blamed their opposite parent for everything. In this case, it would show that their caregiver wasn’t taking responsibility for their own life, and one is then living their caregiver’s reality.


But while what happened was not a reflection of what all men/women were like, it would have been seen as the truth. And unless one is able to take a step back and to work through what happened, their reality will continue to reflect what they believe about the opposite sex.

If one does want to take responsibility for what is taking place within them, they might need to work with a therapist.

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