The internet is an amazing tool for breaking down artificial boundaries such as time and space. Instant communication with a person on the other side of the world is a marvel that has brought home to us how small the world really is and how irrelevant time is in the greater scheme of things. Internet communication has also assisted in breaking down the boundaries of space, because on the web there are no space limitations.

What has this got to do with mediumship?

People who have had a glimpse of eternity understand that time and space are man-made concepts. These concepts apply on earth so that we can make sense of our environment. Once we understand this, it becomes clear how mediums and psychics can tap into the quantum soup of the unconscious and use email to convey the results to their paying clients.

Unfortunately, as with any technological development, there are always people that exploit for their own benefit.

There is nothing wrong with asking for and obtaining a psychic reading over the internet. A true psychic will (always with the permission of the client) find a link to the information that needs to be channelled to the client. Once the link has been established, the information can be conveyed via email. True, this is a one-sided conversation. The advantage is that the psychic does not have the comfort zone of asking numerous questions. They either have the link or they do not, and it is much more difficult to fake the link when you are not in a position to interpret the body language and facial expressions of the client.

I would, however, get concerned if the psychic reading is returned to me immediately (obviously machine-generated and aimed at a mass market rather than at me personally) or when I cannot associate at all with the contents of the reading.

I have had clients that would not accept any of the information I channelled to them. In those circumstances I initially doubted the information I received, but I realised over time that there are people that simply deny everything around them. This is not a justification. I have had one client (over a period of more than 15 years) for whom I was unable to give any reading at all. I told her the truth and gave her money back. I have had a few clients that rejected everything I said to them, but their comments and responses then clearly indicated that I was far too close to the truth for their comfort.

However, the kind of nonsense reading that I refer to is the generic bluff one that shows no understanding whatsoever of your situation or your questions. I once had such a reading from a person who told me that my love life would improve if I stop wearing navy blue. At the time I had not a single piece of navy blue clothing or even accessories in my wardrobe, and my love life was the least of my concerns. This person had all the paraphernalia, including the head scarf, gypsy earrings and crystal ball, on display and made buckets of money from gullible and vulnerable clients.

Another big concern with a reading obtained via the internet is where the reading is done for free or for a very low price, and then the reading is followed up with a series of emails demanding a ransom for your salvation. I have seen some of these emails that would scare the living daylight out of any innocent person, because they indicate that doomsday is getting closer by the minute if the recipient does not respond to any of the series of emails.

Of course the response of the recipient must be in the form of buying an expensive trinket that will bring immediate relief, or buying a “more in-depth” reading that will chase the hovering devils away at a price that is comfortable for the medium.

No earthly object can bring relief to a hurting soul. In fact, people who fall for this kind of blackmail will hurt even more, because they will part with their money under pressure and feel even worse about the space that they are in when there is no relief.

Maybe it is just the way I think, but I would rather provide a paid-for reading than provide a free reading as bait for another reading. For me, this is not only a matter of integrity i.e. giving the client what they paid for in the first place. It is also a matter of self-protection. There are thousands of people that would want a free reading, and every time you give a free reading, you also give energy away to a person that does not appreciate your gift.

I would rather do a single paid-for and comprehensive reading for a person than allow them to suck out my energy in exchange for the promise of only then giving them “the real stuff”.

And I know that it is not good internet marketing, but I believe that the quality of my readings rather than the sale of trinkets will let clients return to me.

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