Are you suffering with a pain in your arm just below your elbow? Do you text message during your day? Are you on the computer all day?
You could be suffering from Blackberry syndrome. Let me explain. From your elbow to the tips of your fingers there are 26 muscles that allow your hand to make all the movemnets it makes. From each finger there is a muscle on top and bottom and the muscles continue up to your elbow. The muscles on top of your forearm allow your hands to open, while the muscles on the bottom allow your hands to close. Now that we have that out of the way. If you wingle your thumb, notice on the outside edge of the top of your forearm, just below your elbow, the muscle moves. As you repeatedly text message you are fatiging the muscle causing it to go into a spasm.
Now wingle your index finger. You should feel the muscle move in the middle of your forearm. As you are using your mouse during the day this muscle will fatigue and spasm as well. Finally, if you grip things during your day, like a golf club or tennis racket, the entire forearm will spasm causing immense pain up to the elbow. This is commonly called tennis elbow or golfers elbow.
Now to fix it! Using your thumb on your opposite hand, start at your wrist and push up your arm to the elbow. Repeat this several times. It may hurt at first, but the pain will diappear. Next, stand next to a wall, placing your elbow out from your body and against the wall. Make a light fist and take your opposite hand and press down gently. Your wrist should come down to 90 degrees without pain. If not, press down for 2 seconds and repeat 10 times. Do this for both hands because if one is tight the other will soon follow.
Some other things to do when you are talking on the phone, use your opposite hand and squeeze the area between your thimb and index finger. This may hurt at first, but if you keep massaging it the pain will subside. Stretch your fingers down and back, one at a time. You should be able to bring your fingers back 90 degrees. Age is not a factor. Always remember, it is not your age, but the accummulation of activities you have or have not done. Besides if you think you have arthritis in your hands these are great exercises to stop the pain ot at less stop the arthritis from getting worse. If you have any further questions just go to

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I am a licensed Neuro-Muscular massage therapist and a Active Isoalted Stretching therapist. I have been in practice for 5 years, My company, The Muscle Repair Shop, teaches our clients how to get the most out their strength training, stretching, massage therapy, and nutrition. My wife, Susan Phelps, is a Registered Dietitian with 25 years experience.