You’re reading this review because you are interested in Mike Dillard’s Black Belt Recruiting product. If you read this article completely, you should be able to determine whether or not this MLM training course is right for you.

Mike Dillard developed the Black Belt Recruiting product in an attempt to help struggling multi-level marketers meet their recruiting goals. If you are reading this as a tenured network marketer, you know how profitable this sort of home-based business can be.

That being said, you are also probably aware of how difficult recruiting and sales can be. In Black Belt Recruiting, MLM guru Mike Dillard aims to show fellow network marketers how to cure their marketing woes and recruit their way into financial freedom.

Understanding the Prospecting Process

With all of the training programs out there, what makes the Black Belt Recruiting program stand out? Black Belt Recruiting is not just a generic marketing training DVD series.

This program is specifically aimed to help network marketers through the prospecting/recruiting process. In case you are unaware, Mike Dillard is considered one of the multi-level marketing industry’s most efficient and ‘successful’ recruiters.

This product focuses on the exact methods he uses to sponsor more than 25 people every single month. Most network marketers don’t come close to this figure. So what exactly will you learn from Black Belt Recruiting?

This training program focuses on improving the following areas:

Positioning – Also known as posturing, positioning is the idea of establishing yourself as an authority. There is a very popular saying in the network marketing niche; “people don’t join†businesses† they join people”.

By asserting yourself as an authority, you can put yourself in a position to recruit more efficiently due to an increased level of respect. This is one of the primary focuses of Black Belt Recruiting.

Who is in Control? – Mike Dillard is an expert recruiter because he is always in control during the prospecting process. In this MLM training course, Mike Dillard provides tips on how to maintain control when conversing with a potential sign-up.

Are you a Closer? – Many network marketers have absolutely no problem setting up meetings with prospects. Although they present their opportunity to plenty of people, they struggle to convert these leads into sign-ups/product sales.

If this speaks to you, you may want to consider some training in the area. Mike Dillard, and many others who have written testimonies, believes he has the answer to your closing woes.

Do I Need this Product?

At this point in your MLM business, you are probably aware that network marketing isn’t a get rich quick scheme. What network marketing is, however, is a business in a box. What do I mean by this?

I mean that successful network marketers stick a system that is duplicable. They repeat the same steps and duplicate ‘their’ success consistently. This is precisely why renowned gurus, such as Mike Dillard, develop products.

They know what they are doing works. More importantly for them, he knows he can turn a profit while helping you build your business. If you are having problems recruiting for your MLM, you may want to consider some training like that offered in Mike Dillard’s Black Belt Recruiting course.

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