About Us -
A business college for the upcoming innovators in the core of the business capital of India. That is what our identity is: BITSoM, the Pieces School of The board. BITSoM is fueled by the soul of greatness and pioneering society that Pieces Pilani, an Organization of Distinction, has developed north of fifty years. Our two-year MBA degree program is vivid, experiential and future focussed, planned by worldwide heads of industry and the scholarly community, for the changemakers of tomorrow. Industry specialists and an elite staff have met up with a new way to deal with instructing and learning. From central business learnings to multidisciplinary capabilities, variety of students to experienced coaches, homeroom examples to past the-homeroom encounters, our grounds in Mumbai will be a dynamic mixture of thought and activity.
With creative mind and advancement as different sides of the BITSoM coin, your two years here will prime you for the future you hope against hope.

Mission -
To utilize comprehensive and future - forward instructional method to shape visionary gamechangers and empower them to have apositive effect on the world.

Vision -
To rethink the ideal models of business instruction through transformative reasoning and pertinent information, and consequently become a point of convergence for new age learning and initiative.

Life at BITSoM implies a continuous rush of excitement.
A common day could begin with a discussion by an industry robust and end with an inventive pursuit. Life nearby will be thorough and reviving, woven around our cutting edge libraries and framework, permitting you to take full advantage of each and every moment.
Experiential learning is at the core of the BITSoM experience, thus you will be working next to each other with your colleagues on industry projects out in the field and in the review lobbies. You will learn together, cooperating, living respectively. An undertaking will challenge your keenness and shape your perspective.
We are the objective for travelers who are early adopters. For daring individuals who are pioneers. For visionaries who are practitioners.
Our two-year, full-time private MBA program will empower you to define vital objectives, engage you to deal with complex difficulties through scientific reasoning, and urge you to release the powers of innovation to convey results.
Made and arranged by specialists from the fields of schooling and industry, our 1600+ hour program has been intended for all encompassing professional success. Our 140-in number class will be in Mumbai, the operational hub for an understudy experience loaded with industry openness and active learning.
Graduating understudies will be granted an Expert's Good to go Organization (MBA) degree by Pieces Pilani, a Foundation of Prominence Considered to be a College estd. vide Sec.3 of the UGC Act,1956 under notice #F.12-23/63.U-2 of Jun 18,1964.
Over your two-year private excursion here, you can likewise investigate the delight of living in a city as socially energetic as Mumbai.
Be a BITSoMian; gain experiences for a lifetime.

2 Years Private MBA

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