Bitcoin, the prime cryptocurrency of all time, developed by Satoshi Nakamoto, has literally taken the financial world by storm, all thanks to its extremely high price fluctuations and its encrypted nature. Based on the blockchain mechanism, and securely stored either on a e-wallet or a hardware wallet, bitcoin transactions have always been the prime means of illegal transactions, all thanks to its encrypted nature. Due to such nuances, it is seen that bitcoin scams have increased over the past few years and many investors have lost a lot of money in them. Let have a look at the various types of bitcoin frauds that exist.

ICO Scams -

An Initial Coin Offering is something that is similar to Initial Public Offering for a stock instead here, instead of the stock, the coin is brought out to the general public. People are enticed to invest in the crypto to make its stock even more valuable and it is seen that there are various investors who actually do so without even looking at the white paper of that particular document. A white paper is a legal document that needs to be presented at the time of the ICO which contains the ins and outs of the crypto. But many such cryptos which provide ICO’s are fake and not a reality. Similar to BitConnect Cash, a huge scam, there has been instances of fake ICO’s who just ran away after a lot of people invested a lot of money in them.

Fake Brokers

The bitcoin scams list, when it comes to fake brokers is unlimited. What these brokers do is create a website and then market it as the best bitcoin broker in the world. They entice investors by saying that they are going to provide over 100% returns and that too in a few days. They say that their trading algorithm is based on years of research which needs to be brought out to the general public so that the public benefit from it. But little do the public know that soon enough they are going to end up being depressed as the broker will vanish in thin air.

Malware Scams

A lot of crypto brokers offer free softwares that you need to install in the system. A lot of people don’t know but this is also a bitcoin scam. These softwares contain some malware that will steal data from your system and as a result, the user will end up being a victim of identity theft. Soon, you will see that your credit card details are leaked and there are many fraudulent transactions that will happen with your card.

If you have been a victim of such bitcoin scam, the best option is to take the help of a good fund recovery group. They often have the best team of recovery specialists who are going to help you recover your money in no time.

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