Bitcoin value is down nearly 40 Percent’s all-time highs near $20,000, falling into a 15-day low approximately $12,000.

On Friday (22nd December 2017) the early trading session saw Bitcoin value plunge to $12,110 (Bitfinex) in 07:20 (GMT), near levels last observed over two weeks back on 7th December 2017. The figure represents a 39% fall in the all-time high $19,891 Chalked throughout the weekend.

At the time of writing this article, Bitcoin is trading at $13,943.

Bitcoin Price
Bitcoin Price BTC Bitfinex
Bitcoin’s competitive gain over the previous 30 days where the world’s first crypto-currency climbed from $8,000 to almost $20,000 had many analysts forecast for a market correction, especially with brand new retail investors swapping their Bitcoin back into fiat.

Prolific digital money investor and CEO of Pantera Capital Dan Morehead predicted earlier this week that Bitcoin could go down up to 50 percent in the forthcoming days before the ending of 2017. The investor, who purchased Bitcoin as it was trading at $72, is bullish in the long run. In a year, it is going to be greater than it is now,” said Morehead when bitcoin was trading over $18,000.

Bitcoin Price
Bitcoin Price- BTC Martketcap
Volatility still continues for this week. Altogether, Bitcoin values are down almost 25% over the day with all the week’s slump wiping around $110 billion in value since Sunday (17th December 2017).

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