I was planning my child’s birthday party and suddenly I had the idea to make it into a scavenger hunt. You’re probably wondering how I molded the two ideas into one. It was very simple.

At first I thought, ok what do I need to get this started? I found everything except the birthday cake right in my house. After making the list I realized I needed a treasure! Well why not have the birthday cake be the treasure? It’s super cute what we did. When the kids arrived we had him or her put their presents in the garage. While they were inside playing I hid each of the gifts accordingly with the hint. I had the locations and next clues prearranged so it was simple putting them in their hiding spots. I put the next clue under the present. You should see how excited they all get when they are hunting because none of them know whose present they are going to find next! At the end of the hunt was the birthday cake. How funny right? The last hint led to the refrigerator.

You can either have your child open the presents as they find them….OR keep the party going by just having them get the presents together as they go. After they find the cake you do the traditional birthday stuff, song and all. Then open all the presents they found! Or have some cake. That part is up to.

This has been one of the best parties I’ve ever had and I know of a few parents who have followed my lead. You’re turn!



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Gives you some ideas for throwing a birthday scavenger hunt.