I usually look back when my birthday happens and tell you what I've learned that previous year and the character strengths they have created. This year isn't any different and I hope you enjoy this year's list of strengths I've experienced.

I have learned that no matter what odds seem to be pressing you down, you can (and I think must) stand for what you believe in and withstand the pressures in your life.

This means courage.

I have learned that if you teach yourself to smile even when the feelings inside you scream out in their negativity, you will weather the storm. Work to support others, despite the forces against you, with a smile on your face.

This means strength.

I have learned that if you are working to accomplish the dream of your heart, you will stop at nothing. Do what is right, stop at nothing, and live the life of your dreams.

This means determination.

I have learned it benefits you to do more than is expected, particularly when in service to others. Make someone else's life more bearable and offer no complaint. A true character strength.

This means compassion.

I have learned that you should help a friend in need, knowing when it's really help, and when it holds them in their weakness. Perform help regardless of the time or amount of work it takes, and do it well.

This means loyalty.

I have learned that you ought to give more than you think you can give. Expect nothing in return.

This means selflessness.

I have learned that if you try to be the very best you can be, even when the throes of changes you not even want are forced upon you and your life seems to be falling about, you can face every difficulty. Face every difficulty with a positive sense that tomorrow will be better and never, never give up.

This means confidence.

These character strengths have served me well and now I give them to you as ideas to create your own list of strengths and implement them into your own lives.

Thanks for celebrating with me this year.

Warmest regards,


Master Integrative Coach,
Ford Institute for Transformational Training
and Integrative Coaching

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Maria Khalifé insightfully teaches life-changing techniques. Universal spiritual principles support her methods of coaching, motivational speaking and workshop leading. Maria brings powerful Be the Change experiences to those seeking extraordinary lives who want to reach maximum potential through the discovery of a true dynamic and authentic self. http://www.changecoachinginstitute.com