Birthday parties come and go each and every year. Most birthday party planners get very busy in making the ends meet for a wonderful party, especially a children’s party. Many various adorations must be incorporated to such party. The cake must represent more or less the personality of the person, the child. A cute candle must be on top of the cake for the child to blow. This is one of the most crucial part of the party for a child. It is believed that every child holds this particular belief that if he or she will be able to blow the candle/s with one breath, his or her wish would surely come true no matter how hard it is. With the light of the candle signifying the hope that wishes do come true, ignites the child’s commitment to life itself and ignites the passion for appreciating birthdays in the deepest meaning a child could possibly handle.

So with such weight of belief being invested in a small candle, manufacturers or candle makers have created various types of candles with different sizes, colors, designs and etc. The most famous ones are the numbered birthday candle. This represents the age of the birthday celebrator. This is quite famous for most children’s party for it is convenient for the child to easily blow the candle with a single breath and eventually keep the belief for the longest time. For others, putting the age in such candle is quite conventional and needs to be improved more for a new and sleek trendy look.

This has generated the creations of candles with different forms and stylish designs. There are candle that are made from cartoon images or animal images. With such variation, one could truly pick the perfect birthday candle that would suit the personality of the child or birthday celebrator. There are also new trends of firework type of candles which gives the great representation of a sparkler. Such effect gives the illusion of light being lit in the sky so much as a firework being ignited in the dark skies. This greatly represents the light of life. For those, who simply like a birthday candle to retain its simplicity beyond what it truly holds in the belief system of the person, would settle for the long, cylindrical taper candles of the market. This candle is described to be with a base diameter of 3/16 – inch. Such candles are made by dipping into melted wax the wicks then pour the wax into a mold which eventually catered the shape of the candle. But the cylindrical form is achieved by rolling the wax around a wick. The art of candle making is pretty much simply and would be achieved by those with great passion and understanding of its existence.

No matter what shape, size, color or design your candle has, this simply lit candle do give a new meaning to life as one blows a breath and extinguished its fire. This is applicable to all ages and not simply boxed to the curious little ones of our generation. Whatever the candle looks, the most important thing is how one view such candle, such birthday and life in general. One cannot value the wonders of a simple candle without actually valuing the very existence of the very person blowing the candle that is atop the birthday cake. Try to search for the answers within and surely you will be surprised by what light you could actually ignite within.

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