Access control system is a species of security system, where he is given the authority of access to the information protected by the director or specific authority. The number of the authorized people is limited to agree to private information.

What is the biometrics?

The biometrics is the science and the technology of measurement and analysis of biological data. In information technology, the biometrics refers to the technologies that to measure and to analyze the characteristics of the human body, like the DNA, fingerprints, the retina of the eye and the iris, the bosses of voice, facial bosses and measures of the hand, for end of authentication.

The combination of the two imagines!!! Therefore, if you are planning to bring up to date its access control system or to put in a completely new system, there are many reasons to consider the biometrics as the solution preferred. The biometrics is more to be exact; than they save money and they are easy to use.

No wonder that each time more organizations are utilizing the biometrics in the front. Our company does not need more protection. For those that utilize the cards, the biometrics adds another layer of protection.

For example,
when a plate is lost or is canceled, is maintained alive and assets in the access control system since the moment is outside of place or to eliminate the plate at the same time that was reported subsequently. By means of the addition of a system biometrics for the access control system, a card of identification by itself alone cannot be utilized to obtain access. Nobody utilizes the biometrics.

North America Markets Biometrics Government reports that the sales of the biometrics it is estimated that will reach $ 9, 5 billion in 2014. Almost all the main national governments that utilizes, just like the nuclear power plants and other maximum security places. After all, if the objective of an access control system is to control that the people-not the credentials - is able and cannot go, then only a device biometrics really offers this capacity to the end users. A system designed to identify a person is compared a biometrics presented by a person against all the samples biometrics stored in the database.

The system of one-to-many is identified the person if the data biometrics presented coincides with one of the many examples in the file. This type of system is utilized for the police to identify the delinquents and by the governments for identify the beneficiaries qualified for the programs of benefits and voting registration systems for the conductors and licenses. This it is the type of system that see typically in the programs of TV of the crime. The process of verification, nevertheless, implies a search from one to one.

An element biometrics in alive presented by the user is compared with a sample stored, given previously by the person during the inscription, and the party is confirmed. With this type of system, the user should he been present. Without the person, the police cannot do anything. Biometrics to spread the germs. Geometry hand readers to utilize an antimicrobial technology advanced to inhibit the growth of bacteria in his surfaces, where the user supports his hand. A special one to silver base agent is embedded in the materials utilized to produce the surface of the units of geometry biometrics of hand, providing a finished sanitary that resists the bacterial degradation

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