Two major thoughts need to be taken into account when preparing a high school science or biology laboratory. The first is the programme and what experiments need to be established and the second is how many families will be in each class.

It is usually wanted to have no more than two or three students using each set of equipment. There should also be enough clean beakers, etc, so that time is not missed in the short time allotted to the test by having to re-wash and clean equipment.

While there may be certain items of equipment unique to some of the trials that the students will cover in the year, there are some basic items that you will find in almost every school science laboratory.

Every laboratory should be close to emergency wash and even showering facilities. In addition, the lab should be equipped with an eyewash station.

Then there are the safety procedures that the teacher should be familiar with, as well as all Biology equipment that would be necessary for himself and for each student. These include safety glasses, appropriate gloves when necessary for some experiments, lab coats to protect clothing and fire extinguishing equipment for all types of fires likely to occur.

Apart from the numerous items of graduated glassware, other measurements need to be taken as well. Electronic scales and balances are used to find out mass. There are a number of electronic instruments available for gauging dimensions, pH and moisture, among those things that may be pertinent to the students' experiments.

Bunsen burners are used in almost every school laboratory, and all the Biology equipment that goes with them, such as hoses, ring stands, a variety of clamps and supports, and wire gauze.

Other equipment includes containers with tongs, a variety of racks for test tubes and flasks, pestles and mortars, and tops of all kinds with and without holes for glass tubing.

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