Bioenergetic Psychology: New Ways to Resolve Symptoms of Difficult Issues
By Damaris Drewry, Ph.D. Psychology

Have you been afraid that you will have a stroke, heart attack, breast cancer or diabetes because a parent did? Only 5% of cancer and cardiovascular disease is inherited (Wallett 2002). Only 5% of breast cancers are caused by inherited genes (Lipton 2005).

During this time of profound planetary, economic, social, and health care changes – a new field of bioenergetic psychology is emerging just in time for the rise of a health care system that is based on wellness rather than illness. As biology, chemistry, physics, metaphysics, psychology, and energetic healing are coming together like children holding hands on a playground, we are pushed to take more responsibility for our own wellness. It takes courage to choose self-empowerment. Illness can be your ally if you listen to what your body is telling you about needed lifestyle changes. The body gives us metaphorical clues about past traumas that are creating similar traumas and disease in the present. Those clues make it possible to completely resolve those traumas using energy psychology and somatic (unresolved emotions create physical problems) approaches to the resolution of traumatic events.

So what’s new about this? A huge body of scientific research now exists to prove that our beliefs create our bodies and our lives moment by moment. Psychologists are learning more about medicine and biology, and medical doctors are learning more about how emotions and traumatic events cause physical illness. (Please note that the author is addressing only diseases that develop in people who were born in good health.)

The old biological/medical model was based on genetically inherited DNA controlling the body (Watson & Crick 1952); the new integrative model brings personal power and hope back to the individual. It dares us to challenge “incurables”. It reminds us that our bodies know how to heal themselves as we learn to get out of our own way. It teaches us to change vibratory patterns at the cellular level with intent. Shamans and Einstein have known this all along. But it is not surprising that it has taken 80 years for biochemistry and psychology to catch up with quantum physics.

A sampling of pertinent research supporting bioenergetic psychology:

• Your perception = your reality (McClare 1974) (…Bleep 2002)
• Every cell in the body is intelligent and the mind is a holographic field (Pert 1997)
• Memory does not exist in the brain is delocalized and exists in every cell of the body (Pert 1997)
• Every cell in the body knows our entire history (Lipton 2005, Myss 2005)
• DNA does not determine the activity of cells, nor is it “set in stone”
• Chimps and humans have the same genes; differences are determined by morphogenic fields (Sheldrake, 2009)
• Matter is compressed energy and we emit photons (light) all the time
• We are vibrating fields of morphogenetic energy – structured fields of information (Cimbal 2009, Sheldrake 2009)
• Disease is caused by a distortion of information (conflict, chaos & confusion) (Drewry 2006)
• The body’s natural state is resonant coherence, i.e. harmony (Wikipedia 2009)
• Our perceptions, beliefs, and attitudes control our bodies (Lipton 2005)
• Energetic healing is not limited by distance (Backster 1972 and 100+plus more studies)
• If you think you have an incurable problem, it is incurable
• If you think you have a curable problem, you do

The bioenergetic approach is the same for any condition: the body believes every word we say, speaks clearly in metaphors, and during traumatic events we make unconscious decisions that create programs running in the background on the hard drive of the body’s biocomputer. Many problems cannot be solved at the level in which they were created, i.e. there are past-life influences and sacred contracts still running that need to be stopped at a spiritual level.

For example, one client experiencing symptoms of an ‘incurable’ nerve disorder, dystonia, had been diagnosed and treated at the Mayo Clinic for several years. The treatments were both extreme and ineffective. His tongue and jaw moved uncontrollably, making speech and swallowing food extremely difficult and embarrassing. One look at this person revealed that he had many things to say which had never been said and his body was struggling to get his conscious mind to recognize the truth about emotionally and physically damaging events that had occurred in his earlier life. By bringing the terrible traumas (he had never spoken about) up to conscious awareness, speaking the truth about them, and using an energetic release technique (EFT) to erase the old programs – the man had a complete cessation of symptoms for two weeks. Using various tools, he has been able to keep the dystonia under control as events trigger it. So this is a body/mind/energetic approach to a physical illness created by the mind and expressed by the body. Sleep apnea is another condition that can often be completely or partially resolved.

Quantum physics proves we get more of whatever we are focusing on, so, instead of focusing on a part of your body that isn’t working right, try asking your Higher Self (spiritual aspect) and your body’s intelligence to restore all systems in your body to their original design and optimal function . Damaris Drewry helps clients take quantum leaps in emotional and physical healing in 2-4 sessions using a combination of integrative body, mind, and spirit modalities. More information is available at or by phoning 520-320-6366.

Author's Bio: 

Damaris Drewry, Ph.D. Psychology, began teaching Somatic Psychology, Vibrational Medicine and Sound Healing in 1987, and has presented hundreds of workshops for ISSSEEM, Noetic Sciences, Holistic Nurses, and the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology. She has recommendations for her work in the fields of psychology, shamanic healing, and sound healing from Dr. Stanley Krippner, Dr. Jeffrey Thompson, P.M.H. Atwater, and Don Campbell (The Mozart Effect).In private practice for 20 years, she uses an integrative, client-centered approach with Emotional Freedom Technique, NLP, and principles of Hawaiian spiritual healing. Her dissertation was inspired by her life-changing After-Death Communication experiences. Working with clients in person or over the phone, she uses a mind/body/spirit approach to help clients achieve quantum leaps in physical, emotional & spiritual healing in 2-4 sessions. Call (520) 320-6366 for a 15-minute free consultation.