Binge Eating Recovery
A client progress report of her journey to overcome binge eating disorder (BED)
Following the binge eating recovery plan and lean for life programme a client of Birmingham eating disorders expert Debbie Williams sent in this email of her progress.
Eating Normally Seems Easier Now

Hi Debbie

Eating normally seems much easier now. When I do have a binge its not like before. In fact it’s more like a normal person who was a bit greedy as it was a party or a controlled binge of 2 bars of chocolate instead of 1

( before it was 5 or more)

The plan is making more and more sense to me and I do plan in to have mini binges as you suggested so that no food is taboo. I am eating them consciously and enjoying them.

I love ticking of my successes on the sheets given and I am definitely changing my focus away from binge eating to be lean for life.
Binge eating recovery recording success

I’m recording my successes regularly now and it’s great to look back on how far I have come. I was a mess and food controlled me. I feel like I’m winning this battle now.

What I did the other day to help with my binge eating recovery was write down how certain foods felt over time.

I noticed when I had my cream cake treat within 30 minutes I felt lethargic and almost drugged.

I re- listened to your ditch the dairy and no longer fancy the rubbish dairy products full of sugar. It reminded me of the first few months when I didn’t touch any processed cake type foods and how clean inside I felt because of it.

I also now look at food as just fuel for the most part and the weird thing is I enjoy it more. I have watched your videos with simple recipes and have followed them telling myself this is fuel my body needs and then finding out how delicious the recipes are.

I didn’t expect that. It feels like I’m on a journey of discovery of water rich and calorie poor foods. As you say on your recordings this fuel feeds your cells and turns of cravings. It certainly does.

I like the details on your recordings of where food comes from as it makes me think about it more and takes the edge of desires for them.
Binge eating recovery having choices

I feel like I have a choice of what I choose to put in my body and its me making the decision which isn’t a hardship. It feels like I’m in control and I know overtime it will be more instinctive behaviour as I’m in training at the moment with it all.

I haven’t had a burger for 6 months as you had put me of them. You are ahead of your time and with this horse burger scandal I think a lot more people will be avoiding processed meat products.
Voyage of discovery for health

I feel like I’m on a voyage of discovery for health. I also saw the other day your video about how you were inspired by your father and how much you have learned about cancer prevention.

Learning from you makes me feel I can be in control of my health and my fears of getting cancer have diminished. I can’t thank you enough.

Many thanks


If you would like to read about the binge eating recovery programme ( also known as lean for life) have a look here

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