This article discusses binaural beats, what they are, how they work, and how they can help you.

Binaural beats seem to be growing in popularity in recent times. Binaural beats, or brain entrainment, are created by the brain when two different tones are played at the same time to each individual ear. Headphones are required in order to make sure that each ear hears a different tone completely independently from the other. The brain detects the difference between the two tones and aims to balance the difference. This causes the brain to perceive a third pulsing tone, which is called the binaural beat.

So the binaural beat is the difference between two tones played in each individual ear. If I play a 170hz tone in one ear, and a 180hz tone in the other, a binaural beat of 10hz is produced. It is simply the frequency of one tone, minus the frequency of the other.

Recent research shows that when introduced to a binaural beat, the brain starts to change its cycle and follow the beat. So if you play a 130hz tone in one ear and a 140hz tone in the other, a binaural beat of 10hz is produced. After a few minutes of listening, the brain will follow this beat until it reaches the same cycle of 10hz. This is a natural alpha state, which can induce a nice relaxed pre-sleep state of mind.

The 10hz tone does not actually exist, but we hear one in our head anyway. This is just the brain making sense and order out of the two slightly different tones. This is what our brain always strives to do, make sense and order out of what is going on around it.

A binaural beat is far more powerful than simply playing a 10hz tone on its own because the brain has been active in creating the tone for itself. The brain subconsciously does the maths to calculate the difference between the tones. This is because of the mechanisms is possesses to be able to detect 3D sound. This calculation gets the brain far more involved with what is going on, and which is why it so readily follows the binaural beat.

Binaural beats can manipulate your brain to go into various different frequency ranges. All of these can help you with different things, such as creativity, relaxation, concentration, sleep, and meditation. For instance if you have had a stressful day, then they can quickly get your mind into a relaxed cycle, which will speed up your recovery process. If you are studying for an exam, binaural beats can be used to quickly get your mind into the best cycle for studying. You can quickly get your mind into the beta cycle which is best for memory and concentration.

Binaural beats are perfectly safe to use and are definitely recommended to be tried. They are a quick and efficient way to help you alter your state of mind in a controlled and sensible way. They will not work any magic on you, but will get you in the best frame of mind for whatever challenges lay ahead.

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