All people are plugged into the binary computer technology by virtue of the presence of that system on the planet. How does this affect the world? Well in order to understand the consciousness necessary for the invention of quantum computing and the information highway the observer must understand a mind that is able to assess, collect and utilize data with a motive that is free of hatred. Hatred blocks and does not build anything except for the destruction of projects. If we had a quantum computing platform with a consciousness of hatred using the technology at a high level war would likely be created at an accelerated rate. Once all beings are able to collect data, asses and create constructively then the societal constructs will likely change that are the glitch in the creation of a harmonious earth. Such constructs will for example change the legal system from creating sentences for criminals to providing legal services for contractual agreements and other necessary documents for the efficient flow of goods and services. Agencies such as government social services will likely be greatly reduced in capacity as wealth family and societal stability increases. So once the individual understands the concepts of its own biological matrix of life greater and what the action of the non religiously limited term Holy Spirit's action is on the brain and nervous system which simply and quietly beats the heart, regulates the breath and digestion among the most important and that being that humble and self programmed to embrace life as consciously as the autonomic system does subconsciously and be a marriage of the two at least in a daily affirmation of self as divine. Such are the sovereign individuals who grow in number creating closer to that Utopian dream that is no longer the binary based technology platform supporting society with so many rules to make secure the scared individual. Genius minds who invent the technologies of tomorrow are not elite to be ostracized from; they are all people who give up fear and or laziness to be attentive to self education after the mandatory schooling period is over. Even a PhD will admit that their given field of study will evolve past their thesis time and this is due to the contribution of other great inventors and creative genius. Video games will cease to be evil and support children s' education with inspiring entertainment and educational content. Obviously the entire government structure, education system and economic systems will change as the non polarized technology non inclusive of electromagnetism (which is most technology today) changes to one that includes it moving toward a free zero point energy technological base where concepts such as cold fusion are greater understood. A clue: zero point approach creates the cooling of temperature to zero degrees cool hey?

All quantum computing participants must understand the language of mathematics as symbols that are inclusive of the genetic sequencing of enlightened mind that is for example given in crop circle formations and fractal patterns that use mathematical sets that demonstrate dimensionalized replication to create form. There are dimensional rotations that the brain must remember how to do in order to have the quantum mind back that is the same vibration as quantum computing technology. Observing the flower of life sacred geometry holographic provided on the internet and the hypercube is highly recommended as it teaches the brain to rotate info that is our DNA codes.

Ankh is an ancient symbol that is the higher initiations of the obligatory initiatory 'ties' of great Pharaohs fastened into freedom and then to initiatory rank of the spiritual leader. A quantum mind and higher vibratory field with mind contained therein is a faster processing brain orientation forged by a being with those skills in today's world; to bend light as an arc curvature morphing space time to a new continuum. A fingerprint lit up with the newest light capturing photography of living organisms shows the thousands of nerve endings in the finger tip lighting up like a fiber optic storm and that demonstrates the active, consciousness directed light with a potentiality of movement to zero point field coming from the little finger tip that connects to the whole body of the being. Upon conception of a fetus there is the instruction of the Holy Spirit of the mother and the father to form the zygote which is lighting up with the consciousness program of the sperm and the egg unfolding and building the tissue of the zygote. An incarnating soul grabs hold of the brain mass once there is enough to work with and begins to work the DNA and takes over the genetic program given by the parents creating its own desire of vehicle expression for experiencing the physical plane and the consciousness evolution of the coming incarnation. A solar disk with wings; ancient symbol of the pharaohs was the knowing of the holy spirit engaging the brain and nervous system for the flight of the spirit in consciousness of creation that has led to ascension of the whole vehicle instead of death for a handful on Earth through history. Unless humanity understands the symbols placed by the ancients and some of the modern pointing to the science of the holy spirit engaging its vehicle the concept of ascension has not quickened enough in this time of writing in the understanding of humanity including science, medicine and government; where it is needed the most to expedite the collective shift in consciousness. Authority of these leading departments in our reality is greatly influential over our acceptance and that is where the pockets of great ancient cultures which flourished with the construct of unity and wholeness in those departments mentioned in ancient times. Remembrance of what is learned and experienced opens codex keys that allow the soul or ensouled observer to see information from a new quantum state that begets a new biological matrix able to process the information. Seeing a symbol without a codex key present that opens and enhances brain function necessary to read it is possible and once the codex key is granted through the observer's diligence upon seeing the information or symbol again the knowledge is there. Reading or viewing information of a high level therefore is received by the entity in various stages of enlightenment. Once all the people of Earth are able to decode all of the ancient symbols of artifacts better than the scholars because it is from the soul's remembrance then one day the ancient archeological sites will crumble as that is likely what the 2012 end of time prophecy meant because it is the reincarnation drive of the soul to know what they mean as the hyperspace, genetic DNA sequencing that even the new age talks about without really knowing what it is. Once Earth's people know and are able to decode the ancient symbols then the relics will crumble and fall as the drive to know will no longer hold the linear reality of not knowing together. It may not be that exact date but later however if peace reigns the consciousness shift must occur eventually; that is the consciousness shift. So study and remember for the soul has lived in many times of historical richness when we knew.

Once mall shoppers understand that a free energy system is based on an atmosphere compression system that squeezes the atmosphere to the invisible zero point field that your fridge or stove could run off then we have the eradication of poverty of mind that supports economic poverty and competitiveness. So once the individual knows that a medical device that cocoons a patient into an electromagnetic field measuring system that reads the individual's biochemical message and DNA sequencing as directed by the soul causing illness, organ atrophy or birth defects then the movement to the zero point field that also exists within all people where by the electromagnetic field read the new blueprint is the new DNA code and collected and created very fast through a hyper jump that may regenerate tissue optimal coherent as health restored greater than before! In effect the body is reprogrammed by its own information system providing the optimal parallel, quantum state. Someone build one of these please and thank me later.

So such examples of technological innovation are difficult to imagine if hidden war still exists in our society.

Homework for readers:

Where you are able to observe hidden war in your world and what would you do to assess and change your contribution to that in an unemotional way? The article Quantum Mind Management is there to assist you. If you require more tools please sign up for a Blue Matrix Energetics module to grow your new super beingness.

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